Nov 30, 2021

Dragon's Blood -Upcoming Mandala Mystery SAL by Tempting Tangles Cross Stitch Designs

 Hello everyone! We have a surprise for the new year. 

Dragon's Blood Mandala Mystery SAL monochrome, circular by Tempting Tangles Designs. We begin December 18, 2021. Please learn more; order membership & floss here; links to Dinky Dyes silk floss packs (2 sizes) are in our SAL listing.  Our mythical (and as yet unseen) Dragon darkens the sun as she/he sails through a winter sky above Watermeadows Castle.  Design size is 230 x 230 stitches in 25 intriguing parts.  Our private group Dragon's Blood is  

Come join & Enjoy!

Nov 4, 2021

Contentment - NEW Band Sampler Mystery SAL by Tempting Tangles- starting soon

We have a new Band Sampler SAL starting soon.  "Contentment" Mystery Band Sampler SAL by Tempting Tangles is the second (#2) in a trio of Quaker  band samplers with a colorful, unusual variety of bands. Please order in our shop.  

Companion to Solitude, ends next week.  Please order in our shop before it is gone. 

Contentment includes a heartwarming quote from the classic, Little Women (PBS TV series version). We offer a Dinky Dyes floss pack -see link in our shop listing. We start November 25, 2021.  Price is $12 for all 20 parts, are released on our schedule. Best of all, it uses the same colors as Solitude just arranged very differently.  We have Dinky Dyes Silk floss for both SALs, and you can find the links in our shop listing for each of these Band Samplers.

In addition, these are ending or have ended though you have a bit of time to order. Once these  are completely archived from our Facebook groups and the listings will be removed from our shop, also. Later when I release as new retail charts, the prices will be at higher prices, of course.

Quakers in Italy - ended 

Beginnings - ended

Chocolate Cravings - ends Nov 11

Year in Flowers- ends Dec 2