Aug 7, 2018

My Own Sweet Home Ending Soon

 On July 20, we released the last part of this SAL. Now, according to our schedule posted in the Facebook Files Folder we will remove all the parts.  Files Removal date will be August 30, 2018.

So if you are in the Facebook group already and have not been downloading and saving the parts, please do it now. 

Or if you are not a member, you might want to purchase the SAL right away before it is gone until it becomes a chart next year.  It will be at SAL prices here until August 30, 2018.  SHOP LINK

My Own Sweet Home is a companion piece to another SAL from 2017. "This Corner of Earth" and My Own Sweet Home will debut in shops very early next year. 

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Aug 6, 2018

Pink and Green

As I said over on my My Facebook pageI think I am growing a tiny garden just to see something besides brown and green. This is a mix of Swiss chard, lettuce, spinach. I love seeing the little plants reflected in the lights above. Never thought to photograph them from this direction.

 If this garden goes well at all, I am considering another set of lights.  Of course, this room will be toasty in winter and a bit too toasty in summer. But, around here, there is more cool than warm so it will even out.

And for those of you who know me personally, you might recognize Fluffy who has been successful diet and is lapping up the quiet in this 'garden' room.

Jul 26, 2018

It' A Hot Summer

 Next year, I am going to get these going a lot sooner. All those lights make the room a bit warm.  But I will sure have a nice mess of salad greens and Swiss Chard.

A visitor asked if I need to transplant these seedlings to individual pots. These pots are pretty good size 6 inch x 4. I saw a video on Youtube showing a fairly crowded pot where the poster just harvested leaves as needed. So I am going to try that way.  Time will tell.
Red stem Swiss Chard

Mesclun Greens