Oct 30, 2017

'Freedom' Now Available as Full Sized Chart

Almost a year ago, we offered a new Mystery SAL called "Freedom".  This design is all about people in a joyful way.  It is a perfect gift for anyone, anywhere and a wonderful design to display in your home.  

Freedom will only be available through Tempting Tangles, not through shops or any other site.  Contact us for info.

Freedom is 124 x 124;  

it is worked in  12 colors of DMC.  Minimal back stitch. 

If worked over 2 on 32 count, the finished size would be 7 ¾” inches square.  On 35 count over 2, the finished size would be 7 1/8 inches square.   Freedom can be worked over 1 or 2 threads.

You can now purchase "Freedom" in the full chart version here on my Etsy Shop  as an instant download.


Oct 9, 2017

Rainy Days in My Corner of Earth

Days are windy and rainy here as October progresses, so I am spending many more hours stitching. 

Find it here on Etsy

This design is a favorite one, "This Corner of Earth", and was stitched by Shelli, a  delightful model stitcher.   It is 
one of several in my ongoing Facebook SALs.  At this time, the 16 parts are about halfway  released. 

Remember, no matter when you join, between now and 3-1-18, you will receive all the parts!  

If you are not able to use Facebook, we will email you the parts.  

Please read about this design and all my others here at my Etsy Shop. https://www.etsy.com/shop/temptingtangles
  If you purchase  membership for   "This Corner of Earth"
, you  can download an informational page right then, with the floss and fabric info.  When I will receive notice from Etsy, I will add you to the group.  You will have a truly enjoyable experience!  By the way, if you are in the UK or EU, there is a lovely shop that has all my SAL floss supplies kitted up and ready to send to you at a great price. Lakeside Needlecraft   xxx

Oct 3, 2017

SAL Continuity Assurance Benefit

Did you know about this wonderful benefit to our Tempting Tangles SALs?  

The Tempting Tangles SAL  Continuity Assurance Guarantee, Come Rain or Shine: 

I have a truly wonderful admin backup, friend, Ina, who will always be sure to send any SAL parts should I or my computer be struck by lightening or other natural/unnatural disaster. Meaning this:  you will always receive the SAL parts on schedule.

Visit us and feel assured!  https://www.etsy.com/shop/TemptingTangles