Nov 19, 2018

North Pole Welcome Ending Soon

Do you love Christmas cross stitch, Santa's sleigh full of gifts and little elves, decorated trees, plum puddings, windmills and flying reindeer? You are in the right place at the right time! Read on:

Nov 15, 2018

Ending to Blue Poppy SAL

I just posted the final part 13 of the Blue Poppy SAL and here is a little teaser. Don't miss this beautiful, classic sampler. Once we release the final SAL part, they are no longer available in the group. Purchase here:

Our Eliza Teakle Blue Poppy sampler uses more than a dozen  specialty stitches. We offer  illustrations and  explanations with guidance so to help you confidently use these stitches in other samplers. 

Stitches you will learn (including variations)  are Algerian Eyelet over 8; Arrowhead; Chain; Fan over 2-3, 4 over 6 ; Fan-Corner; Four-sided; Queen; Sofia; Double Herringbone in 2 colors; Long Armed 2 over 6; Smyrna Cross; Two-sided Italian; Elongated cross stitch ; Rice over 4; Algerian Eye Diamond.  

Size is 
108 x 270 stitches;  The pattern is presented in 13 horizontal bands- sections.  If it is worked on 32 count fabric, the finished size  is 6 3/4 inches wide and 16 7/8 inches high.  Tighter fabric will result in a smaller finished sampler.

Parts of this SAL are worked over 1 thread of fabric; but most is to be worked over 2 threads. There is back stitch also, mainly to highlight the flowers. This design uses 13 shades of DMC.