Sep 14, 2019

There Really is a Dragon!

Do you know you can buy from me directly and bypass Etsy?  It is your choice.

On, just  send the payment for this SAL to me (Friends and Family, please) to  Then type in or find my email temptingtangles @ and put in the $6.50 USD. 
I will when email you the SAL parts released so far and we will send on schedule. Quakers in Japan starts October 4.  Sign up now so you do not miss the first part.  I will email the key and release schedule when you order.
Also, we will invite you to the  Facebook group.


You can order Quakers in Japan here through Etsy right here.  You can then download key and schedule. We will invite you to the  Facebook group.  Be there when the big dragon begins to roar!

Sep 8, 2019

Watermeadows Garden to Archive 9-30-19

Like all our SALs, Watermeadows Garden will come to an end and the SAL parts will not be available.  This one ends September 30 and we are unsure as to when it will be released as a chart. 
For the next few days, it is available at $5USD.

Possibly in April of 2020 after the Nashville Trade show. It will be listed to shops at full chart prices.
All 16 Watermeadows Garden SAL parts have been released and now, per our schedule, taken down from the Facebook group.  So, if you purchase between now and September 30, we will email you all 16 parts. This SAL design is a favorite of flower gardeners and , honeybee keepers. Order our whimsical Watermeadows Garden before we end the listing on Etsy.

Order here on Etsy or pay me at Paypal at the link top right.

What happens when we end a SAL? 
This group stays open till end of this month. Then on Sept 30th this group will be archived. This means you can still find the group as long as you are a member.  You can read old topics, but can no longer post . We request you go to the support group for any questions you may have by then. And off course we still love to see any finishes there :)

If you already own Watermeadows Garden, please check to see if you have ALL the parts. If not, this month is the only time you have to request a missing part to be resent.
Once this group is archived, the listing on Etsy will also be removed until such a time in the future it becomes available at full price in shops.
Thank you for reading.  We hope to see you in another SAL soon.

Sep 2, 2019

Echoing Evergreens Update

Echoing Evergreens is no longer for available at this time- it has been retired as a SAL.
Good new is this: it will be available in chart form next year. Our plan is to release it at the March 2020 Nashville Trade Show.  About a month later it will be available at our Etsy Shop.