Jan 11, 2018

Green, Grey or Blue

 A Question: A stitcher recently contacted me, asking a question about our Quaker SAL, Swans and Sheras. "Why is this called Blue Poppy Sampler if none of the thread colors are blue? How did you come up with the name?"

First, I love that particular color 926-926 I originally used on the poppy petals. My sees it as blue-ish.. I think DMC has an odd sense of humor when it comes to colors. The 924- 928 series are called grey green, but I think it is a cool grey used and it imparts the antique bluish cast. I see those shades not as green, but as sort of blue, albeit sitting on the green grey side. I tend to favor flues, Hence the title of the sampler. There really are blue poppies, by the way, though I prefer the red ones in my garden. I hope that explains it. :-)
 Find the Blue Poppy Learning Sampler here in our Etsy shop

Jan 4, 2018

Tell Me a Tale of My Bunny Bun-Bun

     ➤ Where, oh where did you find that lovely, sugary Easter Egg?

➤     Why, of course I found it here at the Easter  Egg Trees:

** lovely stitching below is provided by member Cheryl Kane

Dec 2, 2017

Swans and Shears, a new Mystery SAL

Swans and Shears has many hidden motifs. 
It will be up to you to figure out where they are all hidden.  
This SAL comes with both a color key and in monochrome.  
So you receive two SAL sections for each of the 16 parts!
Be creative!

Here is the listing on Etsy.

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