Apr 23, 2021

Quakers in Italy SAL has started


Hello from Deb at Tempting Tangles Designs. 
Our newest is Mystery SAL, "Quakers In Italy" SAL is $7 for all 16 parts released on our schedule. Take a trip to the sunny Mediterranean.  Visit our world of fantasy, romance, and learn of long ago tales in our design. Charted in 17 DMC colors. Our SAL begins April 1, 2021; the last part of 16 will be released Oct 28, 2021. Order membership here and look for the Facebook Group invite from us. $7 USD,  for all 16 parts, released on our published schedule.

Apr 3, 2021

Two SALs Ending - Tempting Tangles Designs

 Hello, everyone!

This link will take you to our Tempting Tangles newsletter, just issued today.  We have two SALs that have been fully released. They will remain for sale in my shop only till the end of May.  All the info is there and we do hope you will visit our new shop and sign up for our newsletter.  We also have a new Easter Freebie there which will be up till Monday night.  Take a look!

Mar 20, 2021

Three New Charts Released

 Hello, from Deb at Tempting Tangles Designs. We just released 3 new designs!  Visit our "New" category or just go to the links below.  https://temptingtanglesdesigns.com/shop/ols/categories/new 

Quakers in Scotland, Quakers in Japan, and for Queen's Medal, we also have a Dinky Dyes floss pack in our shop. Our charts have a DMC conversion in the key as always. Look for the chart title or look in the "New" category of our shop. Your local shop will also be able to order these from our distributor, Dinky Dyes.

Quakers in Scotland


Quakers in Japan


Queens’s Medal