Jun 22, 2017

Owl Be Watching You

Owl really will be watching you from my flowery perch above a Quaker Woodland forest. 
I made a lot more headway late last night and am anxious to continue. As usual when I design something it goes through a process where I modify a few times before I am settled with the ideas and design. Even then, I have been known to change a design when it is out there.  So you may get a truly unique version. Usually not though - so look forward to this future SAL!

Jun 18, 2017

Quaker Flowers Growing in the Deep, Woodsy Woods

I've worked a little bit more on our little Quaker something - not named yet.  I like that font for the alphabet. It kind of reminds me of the calligraphy a friend of mine does so beautifully. I am inventing flowers as I go - any suggestions?  What flowers would grow in the deep, woodsy woods?