Nov 4, 2016

A new Mystery "Freedom" SAL begins November 25th-!

We are organizing a new Tempting Tangles Mystery SAL on Facebook called ‘Freedom’.  This design  is unrelated wherever you live and not related to any country or land, whatsoever.  It is totally non-denominational.  It is just about PEOPLE.

It uses 12 colors of DMC and can be worked over 1 or 2 threads or Aida.

** FREEDOM''It begins Friday, November 25th, 2016. The last part will be released Saturday, June 30, 2017. As on our ongoing Welcome SAL, this Freedom Mystery Sal is also 124 x 124 stitches, with each part 31 stitches square.  There are 16 parts. The price will again be $5 to join and collect all the parts.  

** There will be a new Facebook group for those who join. Just as we arranged it before, we ask that you please make your $5 payment to me at  using my email of If it cannot pay on PayPal, can send check or money order. Please contact me for instructions on another way to send me that payment. 

** Although this SAL is primarily for Facebook members, we will have a way for non-members to join and we will email you the chart sections as they are released.  **VERY important: When you make your PayPal payment, please make mention on the payment screen which email address you use for Facebook and the NAME you use on Facebook so I can easily locate you and admit you to the new SAL group.

I hope all of you will join us and I know you will definitely have a lot of fun. 

--- Deb in Idaho at Tempting Tangles Designs


Sep 10, 2016

Mystery SAL for Facebook Stitchy Members

We're organizing a Tempting Tangles Mystery Stitch Along called “Welcome SAL” on Facebook.

The cost is $5.  Or you can go there to apply and pay at the same time.
It began Monday, September 12, 2016 and runs till Friday, April 21, 2017.
Total design size is 124 x 124
The SAL is 16 parts in total. Each part is 31x 31 stitches, arranged 4 across and  4 down.
Every 2 weeks, a part will be uploaded to the SAL Facebook page where members can download it. Or emailed to you if you do not have Facebook!!

Just make payment is made to temptingtangles @ on
PLEASE give your Facebook name in the comment box so we can find and add you to the SAL group.

We hope to see you all there!!