Dec 13, 2010

Christmas Cinnamon Rolls - MMMMmmmm Good!

Glazed and ready to eat!!
Visit my friend Judy's site for her truly fabulous Cinnamon Roll recipe...

and a lot of wonderful Christmas cheer!  

Dec 5, 2010

Feathers 'N Fins

Feathers 'n' Fins 200x199
UPDATE: 1-10-11 - this design has been shipped to Hoffman with reorders already so I know for sure it is in shops and in some of your sewing baskets. I hope you will share your WIP pix!!

Here you see my newest design, called “Feathers ‘n Fins”.  The design is 200x199.  I stitched this model on Wichelt’s Natural-Light Brown 40 ct linen, over 2 with 1 strand. Finished size is 10” square.

I used Crescent Colours variegated cotton floss but the chart will include an approximation in DMC. The Crescent Colours are: Mint Julep, Timber, Persimmon, Poblano Pepper, Argyle Socks, Chili Pepper, Almost Auburn, Ginger Snap, Bejeweled

I hope you will be interested in this design.  For a brief time you can purchase it in my Etsy, until Hoffman takes it into distribution.

Dec 2, 2010

TGOS December Profile

December 2010 Gift of Stitching
First Light  - 109x109 stitches
I am so pleased to be a part of The Gift of Stitching for December's issue. 

First Light is the design featured there.  If it looks familiar, that is because it is a much smaller, companion piece to Creation, one of my first published designs.

Nov 18, 2010

Feathers 'N Fins

Here is a little teasing preview of a design I hope to have out by the end of the month.  This is Feathers 'N Fins.  As the stitching progresses, you will see why that is the name!

That's all I can show you right now - you will just have to wait.  :-)

Nov 14, 2010

Website updates

I just did a huge renovation to my front page of the main site,   so hope you were not caught in the crossfire while I played with colors, fonts, and pix. Someone is always looking no matter the time of day, I have discovered.  My main site is going to be news releases of designs going forward to Hoffman, so less changes there.

 I don’t have an official newsletter at this time, but you can sign up for updates on this blog as I develop new designs, publish them, WIP, etc.  I also have a catalog of designs that I send to interested parties.  If you want me to email that, just send me a note.  Contact me.

Nov 11, 2010

WIP - Quaker Rocky Road

My friend, Chelsea, is moving right along on Quaker Rocky Road!  She tells me the chocolate chunks are making her drool, but that stitching this design has been a lot of fun!  Her work is delicious.  :-)   

She is stitching on 40 count linen, over two with a single strand of floss. The coverage is perfect and really shows off the Assisi designs on the chocolate ice cream chunks.  The story about why it is called Quaker has to do with the Quaker dairy farmer who first opened a chain of ice cream parlors in the US. There is more info elsewhere on this site and  my main site as well about the history and other details.

Nov 8, 2010

Wintery Moon in the Round is a dainty version of the original, square design, part of the WaterMeadows Castle series.  This smaller piece, at  156 stitches in diameter, has full crosses, some half, a very few petite stitches, and straight stitch.  This design will be available through my Etsy shop for a period of time, but only until I have finished stitching it and can send it to LNS through my distributor.  Here is purchase information for now.

Nov 1, 2010

Autumn - The Turning Leaves

The falling leaves...Drift by the window...The autumn leaves...Of red and gold...  

I can still hear Sinatra singing that favorite song. I can hear the melody when our maples redden with the first chill of Autumn.  Now, of course, the leaves are falling and litter the earth in red curls. 

The crescent of maple trees make a stunning impact as they flame along the curve  of our lawn- varying shades  from top to bottom as the cold nights deepen.

  Can you see why red is one of my favorite colors?

Oct 29, 2010

Moving ahead - Panoply of Posies and Creation

Panoply of Posies and Creation are in the printing process as I write.  The chartpacks will make their "real life" appearance in shops in the next few days via Hoffman Distributing.

 It's a new and exciting schedule in our household  :-)

Oct 28, 2010

Mounds of Chocolate!

Friend Chelsea is moving right along on Quaker Rocky Road! Here is a slice of this chocolate confection as of this morning's email!  There are so many kinds - dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and while we can't tell till we take a bite, I imagine there are caramel filled, nougat, maybe some orange jelly, and absolutely, one with cherries in the center!!

Oct 22, 2010

The Winds of Change...

As of November, 2010, I will be selling a selected list of my designs thru Hoffman Distributing.  As time passes, I will begin to pull those charts off my Etsy shop and they will no longer  be available through direct sales to you, but rather, in shops around the world.  Therefore, if there are any of interest, this is the time to let me know.   Thanks to you all for your support - you have helped me grow!  I will be able to offer you more designs in the future, available in  hardcopy format.  Thanks so much for all your ideas and encouragement.  I remain, faithfully, yours - Deborah at Tempting Tangles Designs.

YOU MAY STILL CONTACT ME for a color catalogue (PDF) of my current designs. You can share with friends or just browse at your leisure.  Please keep an eye on my Tempting Tangles -main site    As I create new designs, I will post them there!  My WIP will appear here as I hurry to stitch all those designs I've already published.  

If any of you have completed stitching one of my works, please feel free to share!  Your stitching could be featured on the cover of one of my designs going to shops.  There might be a little treat in that for you!!  Please contact me directly for info.

At this time most of my charts are still
available at my Etsy Shop. Please click the chart image or the link below for information about My TemptingTangles Etsy Shop  Files are sent to you in economical, easy to store PDF format.

Please contact me for special arrangements if you have dial-up, or very slow internet connections.    Soon you will be able to visit your local needlework store to purchase one of my designs!

Oct 12, 2010

Frolicking in the Bluebells

This little fellow is destined for the freebies site. I will let you all know when it is there to download.  Meanwhile, I am adding to the design - and you will be pleasantly pleased - in fact, there may be more than one design from which to choose.  The little elf is doing far more than playing in the bluebells.

By the way, did you know bluebells come in various shades from lavendars and blues to purple?  I renamed this as the flowers do not look like chicory - and I knew better at the time I posted the partial picture below.  Oh well. 

So, wait a bit and you will discover what this little Crimson Elf is up to.  He has a very important job!

Oct 1, 2010

Frolicking Amongst Chicory Flowers

I've been stitching a small design -  83x83, inspired by my back pasture which is filled with the soft periwinkle blue of wild chicory flowers.  They are a dainty flower, with stems a tough as any nylon rope.  They have quite a history and range of uses, included a coffee substitute.  My design has taken some few liberties with the little flower, which can be blue, lavendar or white.  My Tiny,red suited elf  - yet to emerge in the design - is having quite a time as he plays hide and seek in the sunshine.

Aug 26, 2010

Quaker Rocky Road - WIP update

My friend Chelsea Yates is stitching away on this wonderfully fun design.  Here are some snips in a collage so you can see the bits and pieces that make this design so special.  You can see more on my main site Tempting Tangles Designs  or
at my Etsy Shop

Aug 25, 2010

First Light - WIP another update

I am on a tight time schedule to get this stitched for TGOS - I must have it all done and nicely framed BEFORE November !!  I am almost half way done  - but there are still more stitches in the clouds, then the sun (You knew there had to be sun,) Then the bit of text and a pretty bottom border.  Oh, and a cartouche with initials and date.  Yum yum!

Aug 24, 2010

First Light - WIP

I'm working on something new  - You will see the entire piece in December's 'The Gift of Stitching'.  It is a miniature companion piece to another design of mine that most of you know well by now.

Keep watching......


Aug 21, 2010

Quaker Rocky Road WIP

Stitching has begun on Quaker Rocky Road!  Chelsea Ann is hungrily stitching away on this, one of my newest designs.  The planned the plaid borders such as they remind me of those dainty waffle cookies you find in ice cream parlors.

Many years ago, and maybe it is still there, I visited a wonderful bakery shop in Carmel-By-The-Sea (California).  It sold buttery rich shortbread cookies stamped and pierced with the prettiest of designs.  A bird, a stylized daisy, ornate letters of alphabet - and some were crisscrossed in a sort of plaid design, as I recall.  And then there were those great big waffle cookies that took all afternoon to munch - and everything in between! 

The borders on this design are all reminiscent of those carefree jaunts, wandering up the steeply sloped streets of Carmel, now so far away.  Perhaps I will return one day.

See a little more on my main site.

Aug 8, 2010

Swiss Topiary WIP alternate colors

Yes, I am still working on Swiss Topiary from Crown Stitches (2008 SAL) after all this time!  I have been a little preoccupied as you may know with the Counted Wishes Festival.  I am trying out some various color combinations on this Quaker freebie.  I really need to get this done so I can move along to all those other goodies in my stash!              -Deb in Idaho

Jul 20, 2010


I know I should not be showing you these pictures, but I just cannot help myself.  This is one of 5 designs I do not plan to release until the start of the Counted Wishes show on August 1.  So I won't show the entire design, just bits and pieces, ok?

There is a lot more - just wait and see - August 1....

 The heart-thudding mystery of who might be hidden inside all those ghostly costumes, the breathless excitement on that very first Hallowe'en night - who can forget that experience? 

In my new design "Peek-A-Boo", a magical "Boo" rises in smoky vapors from the glowing innards of a cheery Jack-o-Lantern, as two youngsters peer inside, awed by whatever surprise might be there.
From the star studded Little Dipper and smiling quarter moon, to the twining bottom border of capricious pumpkins, this happy little design will lead you on an adventure down memory lane.   Complete with a whimsical bat and creepy spider webs, this design is mostly full stitches, with quarter and petite stitches lending detail to face, hands, legs. 

Straight stitch & back stitched  stars, spider webs, magic fairy wand and other details create a true piece of
memorabilia.  Stitch on 32-36 count black linen, over two threads - Stitch Size 220x222

Jun 11, 2010

Swiss Topiary WIP

I've been trying to actually stitch something of my own and making little progress.  Here is Swiss Topiary, a freebie SAL I collected a couple of years ago.  I am changing the mono scheme a bit - more or less playing, really.

~ Deb

May 22, 2010

Parchment Crafts and Ideas Galore

This gift came  from my friend, Pauline, far away on the island of Malta, a couple of years ago.  I thought I would add some pictures to this post.  Here you can see the whole kit, with tools, tinting material and several sheets of parchment.  This is called parchment craft, popular in her country.  She is talented at the lovely technique involving piercing the sheets of parchment, stitching or lacing or weaving metallic or other threads, embossing and stippling.

Someone suggested I make this little Treasure Chest into a freebie - designed to be worked on perforated paper.  I personally like the Heart with the metallic thread woven across the face of it.   The flowers are paper but look so very real!        ***     And this delicate tangerine toned treasure is just that -  a Victorian Treasure Chest complete with tiny lock and keyhole.
AND here you see a beautiful doily Pauline also stitched. It is exquisite. I need to write again and ask what the style of this needlework would be.  Clearly, it has involved hours and hours of work.
~Deb in Idaho

March 2010 - Another surprise!

Rene, of the ILCS Group, was so sweet to send me this lovely stitch picker that she made. The dainty blue and white beads remind me of the sea, which I miss visiting.  Rene la Frog, as we all love to call her, attached her signature silver frogs to add weight and control to the picker.                                                This one won't go flying into the carpet, I am absolutely sure!

Here it is, laying across a corner of my Panoply of Posies which is nearing completion.  Thanks, Rene!

- Deb

Leprechaun's Delight- Panoply of Posies in green and blue

A dear friend of mine was so sweet to stitch a lovely needle book for me and send it all the way from Texas to Idaho for a very early birthday gift. I am so pleased - she chose some of the loveliest diminutive motifs from my Panoply of Posies sampler. 

Here is the front... and back. 

And here is the middle with all the goodies!- Scissors holder and fob, floss rings, a nice place to park my needles...   

What more could a birthday girl ask?  Isn't it just stunning!  The black makes those jewel tones stand out beautifully. Thank you, Rebecca!!!!

Deb in Idaho

February 2010 Progress - Panoply of Posies

Here you can see how I have been working on the next design after Creation. For a long time, I just called it "November Motif Sampler".  Once it was complete, I decided a snappier name was in order.  Hence, Panoply of Posies.
  Here you can see that I've finally  reached halfway point on Panoply of Posies.  Between stitching, designing and charting, I think my eyes were glazing over.  I truly wished there were more hours in the day!

As I stitched, I began to think about how these various motifs  would work for a scissors fob, a humbug, even a little needle roll or trinket purse.  Guess what?  You will see in the next post.  :-)

Deb in Idaho

The Beginning of Creation in 2009

This photo represents a lot of beginnings.  While it is the ending, as far as being stitched, of my designs called Creation, a lot more came after.

Just the stitching took 8 months ans that was because I wasn't working from a pattern, other than some little bits for ideas on certain motifs.  The process which began in February 2009 on a nearly full yard of raw linen, ended in December after I finally trimmed the right side and mounted the linen on stretcher bars to my brand new Ks Stitching Stand.

Then a friend saw the completed piece and insisted I share with others, so the charting process began. I have a whole lot more admiration for those who chart off of antique samplers hanging in museum walls.  There was/is no easy way! After weeks of struggle, the process was complete, the chart built and formatted and my new design company,  Tempting Tangles, was born.

Deb in Idaho