May 22, 2010

February 2010 Progress - Panoply of Posies

Here you can see how I have been working on the next design after Creation. For a long time, I just called it "November Motif Sampler".  Once it was complete, I decided a snappier name was in order.  Hence, Panoply of Posies.
  Here you can see that I've finally  reached halfway point on Panoply of Posies.  Between stitching, designing and charting, I think my eyes were glazing over.  I truly wished there were more hours in the day!

As I stitched, I began to think about how these various motifs  would work for a scissors fob, a humbug, even a little needle roll or trinket purse.  Guess what?  You will see in the next post.  :-)

Deb in Idaho