May 22, 2010

Parchment Crafts and Ideas Galore

This gift came  from my friend, Pauline, far away on the island of Malta, a couple of years ago.  I thought I would add some pictures to this post.  Here you can see the whole kit, with tools, tinting material and several sheets of parchment.  This is called parchment craft, popular in her country.  She is talented at the lovely technique involving piercing the sheets of parchment, stitching or lacing or weaving metallic or other threads, embossing and stippling.

Someone suggested I make this little Treasure Chest into a freebie - designed to be worked on perforated paper.  I personally like the Heart with the metallic thread woven across the face of it.   The flowers are paper but look so very real!        ***     And this delicate tangerine toned treasure is just that -  a Victorian Treasure Chest complete with tiny lock and keyhole.
AND here you see a beautiful doily Pauline also stitched. It is exquisite. I need to write again and ask what the style of this needlework would be.  Clearly, it has involved hours and hours of work.
~Deb in Idaho