Aug 21, 2010

Quaker Rocky Road WIP

Stitching has begun on Quaker Rocky Road!  Chelsea Ann is hungrily stitching away on this, one of my newest designs.  The planned the plaid borders such as they remind me of those dainty waffle cookies you find in ice cream parlors.

Many years ago, and maybe it is still there, I visited a wonderful bakery shop in Carmel-By-The-Sea (California).  It sold buttery rich shortbread cookies stamped and pierced with the prettiest of designs.  A bird, a stylized daisy, ornate letters of alphabet - and some were crisscrossed in a sort of plaid design, as I recall.  And then there were those great big waffle cookies that took all afternoon to munch - and everything in between! 

The borders on this design are all reminiscent of those carefree jaunts, wandering up the steeply sloped streets of Carmel, now so far away.  Perhaps I will return one day.

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