Oct 22, 2010

The Winds of Change...

As of November, 2010, I will be selling a selected list of my designs thru Hoffman Distributing.  As time passes, I will begin to pull those charts off my Etsy shop and they will no longer  be available through direct sales to you, but rather, in shops around the world.  Therefore, if there are any of interest, this is the time to let me know.   Thanks to you all for your support - you have helped me grow!  I will be able to offer you more designs in the future, available in  hardcopy format.  Thanks so much for all your ideas and encouragement.  I remain, faithfully, yours - Deborah at Tempting Tangles Designs.

YOU MAY STILL CONTACT ME for a color catalogue (PDF) of my current designs. You can share with friends or just browse at your leisure.  Please keep an eye on my Tempting Tangles -main site    As I create new designs, I will post them there!  My WIP will appear here as I hurry to stitch all those designs I've already published.  

If any of you have completed stitching one of my works, please feel free to share!  Your stitching could be featured on the cover of one of my designs going to shops.  There might be a little treat in that for you!!  Please contact me directly for info.

At this time most of my charts are still
available at my Etsy Shop. Please click the chart image or the link below for information about My TemptingTangles Etsy Shop  Files are sent to you in economical, easy to store PDF format.

Please contact me for special arrangements if you have dial-up, or very slow internet connections.    Soon you will be able to visit your local needlework store to purchase one of my designs!