Dec 13, 2010

Christmas Cinnamon Rolls - MMMMmmmm Good!

Glazed and ready to eat!!
Visit my friend Judy's site for her truly fabulous Cinnamon Roll recipe...

and a lot of wonderful Christmas cheer!  

Dec 5, 2010

Feathers 'N Fins

Feathers 'n' Fins 200x199
UPDATE: 1-10-11 - this design has been shipped to Hoffman with reorders already so I know for sure it is in shops and in some of your sewing baskets. I hope you will share your WIP pix!!

Here you see my newest design, called “Feathers ‘n Fins”.  The design is 200x199.  I stitched this model on Wichelt’s Natural-Light Brown 40 ct linen, over 2 with 1 strand. Finished size is 10” square.

I used Crescent Colours variegated cotton floss but the chart will include an approximation in DMC. The Crescent Colours are: Mint Julep, Timber, Persimmon, Poblano Pepper, Argyle Socks, Chili Pepper, Almost Auburn, Ginger Snap, Bejeweled

I hope you will be interested in this design.  For a brief time you can purchase it in my Etsy, until Hoffman takes it into distribution.

Dec 2, 2010

TGOS December Profile

December 2010 Gift of Stitching
First Light  - 109x109 stitches
I am so pleased to be a part of The Gift of Stitching for December's issue. 

First Light is the design featured there.  If it looks familiar, that is because it is a much smaller, companion piece to Creation, one of my first published designs.