Dec 5, 2010

Feathers 'N Fins

Feathers 'n' Fins 200x199
UPDATE: 1-10-11 - this design has been shipped to Hoffman with reorders already so I know for sure it is in shops and in some of your sewing baskets. I hope you will share your WIP pix!!

Here you see my newest design, called “Feathers ‘n Fins”.  The design is 200x199.  I stitched this model on Wichelt’s Natural-Light Brown 40 ct linen, over 2 with 1 strand. Finished size is 10” square.

I used Crescent Colours variegated cotton floss but the chart will include an approximation in DMC. The Crescent Colours are: Mint Julep, Timber, Persimmon, Poblano Pepper, Argyle Socks, Chili Pepper, Almost Auburn, Ginger Snap, Bejeweled

I hope you will be interested in this design.  For a brief time you can purchase it in my Etsy, until Hoffman takes it into distribution.


  1. Really pretty, love the colors.

    Mary in IN

  2. Beautiful pattern! When will it be available through Hoffman's?


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