Dec 20, 2011

A Peek at the Tree Top Birth Sampler

This is my work in progress of Tree Top Birth Sampler.  

I am stitching on 40 ct Weeks Dye Works Tin Roof, over 2. Using Sullivan's thread, just one strand with good coverage.  

I took this picture a few days ago, and as of last night was a lot further along.  

This has been a lot of fun, not too many color changes and I have to say, I can really see the count nicely using the magnifier on my Daylight floor lamp!

This design will be released in the spring of 2012. I hope i can have it ready for the February show!

~ Deb

Dec 7, 2011

A Nice Little Surprise

I received a sweet little email from a writer by the name of  Namita Roy who tells me "I stumbled across your blog and I loved your posts and photos. Your needlework designs and cross stitches are so beautifully done. On a somewhat different note, would you be interested in having your site featured on our blog?" 

Of course, my answer was Yes!!  The blog to which she contributes is called Pocket Change (  There the reader can find  a wide variety of topics for the fashionista,  pet lover, tech fanatic and creative homemaker alike.  It's quite a fascinating site with lots of wonderful articles, ideas, great images.  I'm going to enjoy browsing out there.  

She's posted a little snippet on my perspective of the designing life - so you can read about Tempting Tangles Blog on Pocket Change/ .

Perhaps you will learn something new.  I did. :-)

~ Deb

Oct 24, 2011

Panoply of Peacocks WIP from stitching friends!

I received a surprise email last night. Stitching friends Marie and Helen have sent pix of their WIP on Panoply of Peacocks.  They are moving along so beautifully.

Left, Helen is nearly done as of this week!

If you go back to my post of July 14th, where I managed to misspell the word "surprise", you can see just how much progress these two ladies have made. I am really impressed.  :-)

Thank you, Marie and Helen.  There is another stitcher, Nancy, who will soon be sending her pix also - done in silks.  I can hardly wait to see her work. :-)
Marie had to do a lot of veggie canning so is a little slower than Helen, but I love the colors she has chosen.  The chart does have some alternate suggestions

And here, you see Helen's work from a few weeks ago.

I will be posting these great pictures on my Gallery page, also.

Sep 23, 2011

A Little Snippet of Tea Time

As of this date, this design is now available in shops - both LNS and ONS. 10-25-11

I had previously written "This little snippet of "Tea Time" is a slice of  the whole design now available at my Etsy Shop.                                                                                     For the next few days I will have it on sale until I am ready to send it out for full release to shops."

"Tea Time" would be darling as the center to a little luncheon-sized table cloth, or the center of a bread basket cloth – or a place mat, even! Here, it is a wall hanging for my kitchen - on an apple tree twig hanger.  :-) 

Sep 2, 2011

Little Teaser - Red Finch's Winter Song

This is a snip of a larger piece that will be a delightful winter-time quickie stitch.  This only took me a week, and that is evening stitching. The design is called "Red Finch's Winter Song".  At 107 x 109 stitches, the finished size is 7 1/4" square.  I've used a lovely 30 ct linen by Weeks Dye Works, called, appropriately, Sky, and Dinky Dyes lovely silk floss. 

This design will be released by Jo Mason of Dinky Dyes at the Online Needlework Show  this coming October 20-25th, so be sure to visit her virtual booth during those days. 

Although I stitched this over 2 on the 30 ct, it could just as easily be done over 1 thread for a dainty, ornament-sized treasure. The soft, subtle tones of Dinky Dyes' variegated floss give excellent color variety and detail, to this design with fewer thread changes, especially on those delicate pale to medium blue snow-covered stems. :-).

Aug 26, 2011

Creating Creation - Revisited

I’ve had many stitchers write to ask me how I came up with the idea of Creation with its swirly clouds, dramatic sunrise, and quirky little creatures dancing at the bottom of the deep blue sea. 

I posted this story of the stitching and designing process nearly a year after I began Creation - in February 2009.  In those days,  my site was a simple blog set up more for my own pleasure than business, but has since then been converted to a regular website for my Tempting Tangles business.  Since that original post, I charted my stitched work, not an easy task.  It took several months, in fact. I now have even greater admiration for those who chart antique needlework found in museums.

I want to assure those who say they don't have the skill levels to accomplish this work, to please DO NOT worry.  The key I firmly keep in my mind when stitching any design with an "old" look, is this:  You WANT this to look like an antique. This design is intended to look like it was stitched by an ordinary person, one who was not perfect, but whose goals were very high. The resulting stitched work will reflect a great love of needlework, of design, form and color.  It will be gorgeous when you are done, no matter your skill level.  There are 5 pages of instructions to help you, plus the chart sections and close-ups, but in the end, however you stitch this piece,  "Creation" will be yours, and different from any version created by another stitcher.

  In spite of the changes to my first website, you can still find the story of Creating Creation in the archives of if you go to the search tool and enter “Creating Creation”.  Anyway, again, here is the story  (just click on the link) which began upon a chilly February morning in 2009, and is still continuing in the hands of stitchers all over the world, as they make Creation their very own masterpiece.