Feb 22, 2011

A Little Christmas Surprise

I am working on that strange 24 ct purple fabric we've been discussing in The Sampler Life (Yahoo Group).  I could not resist stitching on something strange and unidentifiable. For years, I've made a habit of perusing flea markets and yard sales, often exclaiming "I could stitch on that!" meaning, I could see the holes well enough and that the fabric had some sort of appeal to me. Usually it would be an old table cloth or length from a set of curtains.  Most often, rather rustic, and aged - which I love desperately to use for antique style samplers.

Well, this piece has been in my box of 'Great Finds' for more than 30 years now.  I think that in spite of its woolen looking appearance, it must be synthetic. It is quite springy and has many wonderful flecks and threads in it, giving character that one does not often see in commercial cross stitch fabrics. Best, it just happens to be 24 ct even weave.

So, this yard of lovely purple or aubergine fabric is now the subject of a Christmas ornament I am experimenting with. Here it is as a WIP.  While I have mapped out several color palettes, this one is DMC 3810 teal, and some a pink to red range 152, 223 and 221, more on the wame side. So if your monitor is not showing, true, just imagine the combinations.

I am not likely to show more after this as this IS a surprise and will be going to a far away place on or before the end of March (I have a deadline) where it will hide until a month or so before Christmas.  :-)

Back to the purple fabric - if ANYONE in the wide world has ever seen a 24 count fabric like this, let me know.  I would so love to have a name to give it.