Feb 7, 2011

Wintery Moon in the Round makes a debut!

Here is a snippet of "Wintery Moon in the Round" - on it's way to your local needlework shop or will be as soon as the printer cools off and my DH gets them all packed up!  

There are two versions of Wintery Moon.  A round one, dainty at 156 stitches in diameter, and a bit larger, square one, with much more detail and the look of an antique story book.  This round version was just stitched by my friend Dawn, here in Idaho, and they square version is being stitched by patient Bonnie up in B.C. Canada.  Both ladies are fantastic stitchers and I could not be more pleased with the results. There is so much detail in these two designs that cannot be seen from a tiny picture, but once you start to stitch for yourself, you will appreciate the work that went into the designing.  

Wintery Moon in the Round 156x156
The story is of course, based in an imaginary land of my own invention, called WaterMeadows.  There is the medieval castle, the fields, forests and vineyards in this fantasy land.  This series is slowly coming to life in floss and linen.  

It is my hope that eventually, all the designs in the Seasons at WaterMeadows series, can be stitched and available in the shops.  The larger, square version will be offered in the future, as will all the rest.  The plan is to create round vignettes of the larger samplers, for those who want the design but not so much of the stitching.

These designs are perfect not only for cross stitch, but for needlepoint.  Can't you see these on the back of a set of antique dining room chairs - one chair for each season?