Apr 2, 2011

Panoply of Peacocks - WIP

I am back to stitching on Panoply of Peacocks.  I finally had to grid my fabric as there is little room for fudging it I make mistakes - which I have in spite of gridding.  Hence, frogging has occurred more than once.  At least I see it much sooner with the grids. 

Thanks to my buddy Narita, of thetwilightthread.blogspot, I am using some wonderful red fishing line, slick as a whistle, by Cajun.  (under Zebco brands)  She sent me a bobbin of 4lb - and here I am using 6lb found locally. I see that if I use any fabric with finer count than 26, as I am doing here, I will need to use the 4lb she sent me. It is so precious I hate to cut it though. I wish I could find a nice spool of 4lb. Anyone know where?  Red it the reason - I can see it so well on the light fabric!

This motif is the center set on Panoply of Peacocks.  There are 3 colors charted in this, but I changed the little dots in the bod from the Really Teally (Crescent Colours) to a darker shade of blue, Bejeweled. Would be nice with the Rainy Day floss - a deep violet shade - as a little accent on those pretty green scale-like feathers.  So if you are stitching this design, experiment a bit!!

And share your pix. I would love to see what you are all doing and if you wish, I can post some in my Gallery page over on my main website.