Apr 25, 2011

Panoply of Peacocks - WIP

Panoply of Peacocks in progress!
I am showing you all a picture of the fishing line I am using to grid now.  The fabric for Panoply of Peacocks is 26 ct evenweave, and at the time I began, I could find only 6lb line locally, ($7) on a huge spool nearly a mile long.  It is ok for this count fabric, but I wish it was a little thinner.  So I went ahead and ordered a couple of smaller spools of  4lb - around $5 each - from Amazon.  

 There is enough to last a LONG time, (300 yards), and I can and will reuse the lengths I've cut and will reweave thru my fabric for the next design.
When the time comes to stitch on something finer - such as 30 to  32 count, the 4lb red line will be perfect. I am happy to say this method is working beautifully, is very inexpensive, and cannot be pierced with my needle.