Aug 6, 2011

Jumpin' Jack Frost WIP & Sneak Peek 8-6-11

I am making nice progress on Jumpin' Jack Frost.  This set of pix was taken with flash, so the gorgeous mottled yellow of the African Daisy fabric does not show as well as I'd like. I am doing a little trial and error on some of the details, modifying the preliminary chart as I go.  
Not too much frogging yet, unless I get distracted by something on TV.   Jack's happy little face, full of anticipation at leaping into that pile of leaves was not so difficult and I will include instructions as always on how to do the fingers and features.  The thing that is fun about this one, is that you can use some of the parts separately to make a cute little "small".  When you have your chart in hand, you will see what I mean!  
Coming soon - last part of August!