Aug 5, 2011

Question to my readers

Are those of you who are subscribed to my emailed blog posts actually getting them??

If there is something wrong with how they look, please resubscribe to the new link top left of this page.  I personally have gotten some posts that seem to be from the dawn of time rather than current ones - essentially, they seem to be re-runs. How funny is that?  If any of you are tech savvy and can advise me, how I would love to hear from you!


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  1. HI Deb,
    Got your inquiry email. I think I am getting them, but I don't know how often they are coming out really. it might be good to post an inquiry with the request to reply if you got this, and see if you hear from everyone or not.
    Hope you are well and keeping out of the heat. You did a great job graphing the animals in your Noah's Ark design. I love the Giraffe and elephants!

    Kathy in NM


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