Oct 24, 2011

Panoply of Peacocks WIP from stitching friends!

I received a surprise email last night. Stitching friends Marie and Helen have sent pix of their WIP on Panoply of Peacocks.  They are moving along so beautifully.

Left, Helen is nearly done as of this week!

If you go back to my post of July 14th, where I managed to misspell the word "surprise", you can see just how much progress these two ladies have made. I am really impressed.  :-)

Thank you, Marie and Helen.  There is another stitcher, Nancy, who will soon be sending her pix also - done in silks.  I can hardly wait to see her work. :-)
Marie had to do a lot of veggie canning so is a little slower than Helen, but I love the colors she has chosen.  The chart does have some alternate suggestions

And here, you see Helen's work from a few weeks ago.

I will be posting these great pictures on my Gallery page, also.