Dec 7, 2011

A Nice Little Surprise

I received a sweet little email from a writer by the name of  Namita Roy who tells me "I stumbled across your blog and I loved your posts and photos. Your needlework designs and cross stitches are so beautifully done. On a somewhat different note, would you be interested in having your site featured on our blog?" 

Of course, my answer was Yes!!  The blog to which she contributes is called Pocket Change (  There the reader can find  a wide variety of topics for the fashionista,  pet lover, tech fanatic and creative homemaker alike.  It's quite a fascinating site with lots of wonderful articles, ideas, great images.  I'm going to enjoy browsing out there.  

She's posted a little snippet on my perspective of the designing life - so you can read about Tempting Tangles Blog on Pocket Change/ .

Perhaps you will learn something new.  I did. :-)

~ Deb