Jan 28, 2011

Two New Designs!!

Liberty For All
Liberty For All  (size 193x233) is a new design I hope to have out in the next few days on my Etsy Shop.  Sometime in the next month, will have it with Hoffman and your local needlework shop.  
Panoply of Peacocks
Coming along next, is Panoply of Peacocks (size 257x353).   I will offer it on my Etsy Shop while it is being stitched.  Once that is completed, it can go to your local needlework shops! 
Both designs use full and half stitches, straight stitch and about half dozen french knots which can be dispensed with in lieu of tiny beads.  Liberty For All also has a row of Algerian eyelet, and bands of Assisi work, complete with instruction.  Both designs feature Crescent Colours, both cotton and silk,  but have suggested substitutions in DMC. 

Jan 23, 2011

Across the Miles

Across the Miles
Across the Miles is now in your local needlework shop, or available upon request.  

The chart pack includes a very pretty, upper case alphabet so you can personalize the initials and date at the bottom.  

There is Algerian Eye, half and quarter stitch, back and straight stitch to create the beautiful details that make this design so special.  It is 111x112 stitches and is designed to be stitched on evenweave or linen, over two threads.

Someone made an excellent suggestion - wishing they could have  the word Family at the top, instead of Friendship.  There is room to change the wording, using the extra alphabet.  Such a change would make this design into a lovely family heirloom. 

Jan 9, 2011

Etsy Update

I've just had a lovely person email me and ask to purchase a copy of  Across the Miles.  So...  for now, I have put it out on my Etsy Shop and it is available as a PDF file until Hoffman takes it on.  

Evening sun on the snow looking out my front window

Sunset on snow topped trees looking out my back window
I am thinking this is such a cheery design that it might be nice if revamped for next Christmas, snow on the roof tops and all the goodies, as a Merry Christmas wish to friends far and near.  I think 'snow' because I am surrounded by snow!

Jan 4, 2011

I've stitched this design, "Across the Miles", over the Christmas holidays for a dear friend.  I am hoping she does not see this post, as I've yet to get the square  picture frame cut for it.  This design is based on one I'd designed in 1987, (left)  but thought I would gussy it up a bit for 2011.  

I love the Arts and Crafts style font, the little satin eyelet flowers and leaves, and all the curlicues including the entwined tendrils of chimney smoke.  It all says "we are friends and will always be in touch".  This is the perfect gift for a friend who lives a continent away, or just across town.