Oct 11, 2012

Christmas 2012

Two new Christmas designs are on their way to your favorite shops!   
Crimson Cardinal features a brilliantly red cardinal on a field of blue.  It's a crisp, cold December morn, so his song appears as little curls of steam against a setting moon.  Peppermint Pig comes with a story of the Victorian tradition where shared bits of a broken candy pig - peppermint flavored - became a good luck symbol for the coming year.  The design is full of motifs which are perfect to stitch individually as little ornaments.  Even more delightful of an idea is to stitch is to finish them as fobs, needle-books or tiny pin cushions, or delicate gift tags.  Such a pretty little surprise for a special person and so easy to create.

The dainty little "peppermint-inspired"  ornaments pictured below plus many more  are all included in Peppermint Pig's chart .  These were stitched on 25 count linen and worked with pieces of left-over silk floss as imagination dictated.  I embellished them with Mill Hill beads - some crystal, some golden, a few red ones - to catch the light as well as the eye of admirers.  Then each was backed with heat fusible  inter-facing to stiffen and protect the edges from raveling. I carefully trimmed  around the stitching and then hung each delicate wafer of color on a strand of fine, golden cord.  These could just as easily be stitched on perforated paper. Can't you imagine them on dark paper, stitched in white silk for just the perfect snowflake effect!  

 Visit my main website  in the next few days for all the details plus full size images of both of these newest October designs!

Sep 8, 2012

Verdant Variations - September 2012 Release

 Just about every variation of green in the sewing basket!
 'Verdant Variations' is heading to your LNS and ONS a bit later this month.   These are some teaser snippets of my stitching on this "colorful" design.  Verdant Variations is part of an ongoing series of samplers with words of color.   If you happen to be going to the Baltimore Trade Show this weekend, you can see the model at the Dinky Dyes booth.

The model is worked on Zweigart's  36 ct Clay, over 2 5 shades of Dinky Dye's greens, using 2 strands on full stitches; 1 strand on straight/back.  Design Size  206 x 202 stitches with finished size of  11 ½ “ square; 

This newest design from Tempting Tangles is full of fun & quirky little surprises.  It can still be worked over one or two threads of fabric as long as the count is not too tight. 16-28 count over 1 would work nicely, too.
Keep an eye on the main site at www.temptingtangles.com/ for pix of the full design, to be published sometime around September 20th!

Aug 18, 2012

The Only Gift - new version, new release

The model for this newest design, "The Only Gift" is one of several pending releases you will see at the upcoming Baltimore trade show.  Please do visit the Dinky Dyes booth to see more!
American philosopher, poet and essayist, Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882) offered this thoughtful statement in his Essay, “Gifts”.  “The only gift is a portion of thyself”.

 Read more on my main site regarding the floss and fabric used for this rustic piece.  I hope that for the upcoming Christmas and holiday season, you'll stitch something just for those who love you, and for those whom you love.  This one of a kind "gift of yourself"  will never be forgotten.

Jun 16, 2012

Giovanni Lives Again

 I am just now releasing a new design of antique sampler style - called Giovanni's Alphabet.  The entire piece appears on my main site but here are some snips of my various WIP as I stitched and designed, edited, stitched some more till I got it right in my mind. 
Giovanni’s unusual lace alphabet:  Giovanni Ostaus, created his constructed-style alphabet and other magnificent lace designs in the 16th century. He presented them to the world in self published book, “La Vera Perfittione del Disegno”, (The True Perfection of Design) in 1561, Venice.  His book offered a new chart format of design lay-out using grids or squares.  

The unique lace alphabet has been 
re-created in my design with some  changes to make it suitable for cross stitch.  These large letters along with the lace-like loops, eyelets, “picots” and other geometric shapes are to be stitched using a single strand of floss. Dinky Dyes’ is cross referenced to the suggested fibers - but the first few charts don't have that.  See the Conversions tab on my main site for some recent designs!

May 6, 2012

Happy upcoming 4th of July!!!  
Even though the 4th of July is nearly 2 months away, I was thinking about what it means to me.  Then another related idea came to mind  as I read in the news that scientists are vigorously searching for another  planet like earth. We have such a wonderful world as it is, I surely would not want to leave.

My thoughts centered on this country, though my idea can apply any where.  The words on my new design reflect just how I feel about all the people that make up my country, your country, and this great world.  "We are many, Yet we are one -  from sea to shining sea."

As the U.S. Independence Day approaches, that this is a good reminder that with all our various and different histories, religions, colors, interests and ways of thinking, we are all one here on this our only Earth and in this time.
I hope that as you stitch this design you will realize that no matter where we live, what we do or are, we are indeed ONE.  We are Humanity.

This design will be out to shops very near to June 1.  We Are One is a fairly quick stitch. :-)  It took me only 20 days and that was with re-designing, thinking, frogging and restitching here and there.  Very soon, I will post a full photo with a notice on  my main site

  • Design size 156 wide x 142 high.
  • Model was stitched on Wichelt 32 ct linen, “Ocean Kiss” #65281L over 2;
  • Finished size on 32 count over 2 = 9 ¾ x 8 7/8”; Always allow extra for framing.
  • Alternate sizes would be: 40 count over 2 = 7 ¾ x 7 1/8” or 26 count over 1 = 6 x 5 ½”
  • Suggested fabric: Wichelt 32 ct linen , Ocean Kiss, #65281L (lt grey similar to DMC 318/415) 
  • Specialty Stitches:  Algerian Eye, Fan, Back stitch; some blending of threads
  • Floss: Dinky Dyes silk and silk perle.  Kits available through Dinky Dyes
  • Note: This design is suitable to be stitched over 1 thread of fabric. 

Apr 1, 2012

Second Sneak Peek: Red, Red and More Red- "Sampling in Scarlets"

 "Sampling in Scarlets" will make it's debut at the April Online Needlework Show and shortly thereafter, will be available through your local needlework shop, or favorite online shop.  


 At 226 by 360, this luscious sampler, done all in various Dinky Dyes red silks, makes the idea companion to an earlier release, "Needle Worker's Abecedarius".


 My friend Ellen has done a lovely job of stitching this sampler, which is filled with just about every word related to red!  She worked  with a single strand of Dinky Dyes silk floss over 1 thread of Zweigart Dublin raw/natural/undyed linen in 26 count.

Mar 26, 2012

One of Two Sneaky Peeks for April Releases

Here are snippets from the first of a pair of spring-release designs!

"Panoply of Pods 'n' Puffs", 119 x 173, is just back from my wonderful model stitcher, Helen.  This is one of two designs to  be featured in the April Online Needleworkshow on the Dinky Dyes' page.  The designs you see there  now are from late in 2011, but before long, the new designs will be displayed.  "Panoply of Pods 'n' Puffs" features Gloriana Silk Floss, a handful of Mill Hill Beads and the gorgeous new 28 ct linen from Wichelt, Black Chocolate, #7696.  It is luscious and rich, I assure you.  The whole design has lots more goodies for stitchers who love black work, and many motifs for those puzzle lovers out there, as well.

"Sampling in Scarlets", 226 x 360, the second design, is worked in a variety of mouth-watering reds is at the framers -  It features several of Dinky Dyes' wonderful red silks, beautifully stitched by my friend, Ellen.  The fabric used is Zweigart's Dublin linen, raw, un-dyed, 26 count, over 1.   Ellen did an amazing job and as soon as I have the model back in hand - which should be by week's end, I will post some images.  I can hardly wait to see it! 

Those of you who are lovers of all red samplers are sure to enjoy this design. "Sampling in Scarlets" is a companion piece of red stitchery to "Needleworker's Abecedarius".

Jan 30, 2012

What If It's Twins??!!

 I lovely lady named Janet contacted me last week, saying she had twins coming to the family. She wondered what she might do for a birth sampler, as she wasn't all that adept at tweaking an existing design such as my Tree Top Birth Sampler, now in shops.  So, I put on my thinking cap and camp up with this design, Tree Top Twins.  For anyone wanting a quirky and clever twins birth sampler, complete with baby monkeys, this might be just perfect.
The babies' coverlet can be changed to any colors you choose as there are a variety of blue greens and pink tones in the design.  There is room for the second name, as you can see.  This design is currently available for sale on my Etsy Shop in pdf. format.

From the original Tree Top Birth Sampler
- WIP by Helen Kelly

Jan 17, 2012

Where's the Coffee Grinder?

 These are a few of the delightful little coffee pots you will find on Coffee Compendium, just released this month to shops.    My dear friend, Helen Kelly, of North Carolina, graciously stitched this design for me.  She did such a lovely job!   Somewhere on the design, I have hidden the dearest little coffee grinder.  I wonder if you will find it as you stitch?                ~Deb

Jan 2, 2012

Two more designs for this New Year!

Too many things, so little time!  My wonderful model stitcher, Helen, completed Coffee Compendium.   In addition, I completed a smaller design, a mate to Tea Time, called Classic coffee Break.  You can see both on my main website site  http://www.temptingtangles.com/ , all ready to go to shops a little later this month!

Another I finished last month is this little Tree Top Birth Sampler is 162 x 161, basically square. I designed it at the request of another of my model stitchers who adores baby monkeys, and had an upcoming grandchild.  I created one for her, but since then have made a few changes.  This design uses Sullivan's cotton floss, is stitched on Weeks Dye Works linen, "Tin Roof".  I used 40 count and stitched over 2, so can sincerely say thank goodness for the magnifier on my Daylight lamp!   This  will be released in February - so if you have any babies on the way, or any new babies who need their very own sampler, this might be the sampler for you!

In addition, I made great headway on The Only Gift, a design that would work beautifully for any occasion, but certainly has a Christmas feel to it.  

The only Gift 141x181
In fact, I won't be releasing this revised version until later in the year so look for it in the fall.  I decided to give it a rustic look, so am using 2 strands of Gentle Art floss over 1 thread of 20 ct Weeks Dye Works "Putty".  I love their newest color,  Otter Creek - the leaves vary from a forest green, to a soft, blue grey green to a  slightly muddy brown green. It's really well named and gives the look I like with this rustic fabric.  It would be interesting to see this stitched on a smoother fabric at perhaps 36-40 count. over 2.  There are satin stitch diamonds in the corners and open herringbone borders, lots of variety in texture and LOTS of little leaves with curly stems and red berries.