Jan 17, 2012

Where's the Coffee Grinder?

 These are a few of the delightful little coffee pots you will find on Coffee Compendium, just released this month to shops.    My dear friend, Helen Kelly, of North Carolina, graciously stitched this design for me.  She did such a lovely job!   Somewhere on the design, I have hidden the dearest little coffee grinder.  I wonder if you will find it as you stitch?                ~Deb


  1. It is such a fabulous design, definitely on to be purchased and soon list! ;-) I love coffee related cross stitch designs!

  2. Oh, what a delightful creation dear friend! I might have to pick up cross-stitch again! Blessings, Cathy

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  4. Hi - I love your designs! I will be doing the Tree Top Sampler for my daughter's triplets - she has twin girls and a boy - so the three of them are my little monkeys - I haven't decided if I am going to stitch the basket at all :) but the momkeys are "so them" the one on the right side with the bannana is Ethan and the two on the left side of the tree is the twin girls Ava and Emma. This is such a fun design. Thank you. Leanne Marks, RI

  5. Leanne, thanks for your comment - I would adore seeing what you do with the design when it is finished - for the triplets. You could always stitch a tiny bow on the top of their heads for the girls, :-)


    Deb in Idaho


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