Mar 26, 2012

One of Two Sneaky Peeks for April Releases

Here are snippets from the first of a pair of spring-release designs!

"Panoply of Pods 'n' Puffs", 119 x 173, is just back from my wonderful model stitcher, Helen.  This is one of two designs to  be featured in the April Online Needleworkshow on the Dinky Dyes' page.  The designs you see there  now are from late in 2011, but before long, the new designs will be displayed.  "Panoply of Pods 'n' Puffs" features Gloriana Silk Floss, a handful of Mill Hill Beads and the gorgeous new 28 ct linen from Wichelt, Black Chocolate, #7696.  It is luscious and rich, I assure you.  The whole design has lots more goodies for stitchers who love black work, and many motifs for those puzzle lovers out there, as well.

"Sampling in Scarlets", 226 x 360, the second design, is worked in a variety of mouth-watering reds is at the framers -  It features several of Dinky Dyes' wonderful red silks, beautifully stitched by my friend, Ellen.  The fabric used is Zweigart's Dublin linen, raw, un-dyed, 26 count, over 1.   Ellen did an amazing job and as soon as I have the model back in hand - which should be by week's end, I will post some images.  I can hardly wait to see it! 

Those of you who are lovers of all red samplers are sure to enjoy this design. "Sampling in Scarlets" is a companion piece of red stitchery to "Needleworker's Abecedarius".


  1. They look very good! I like small mono samplers and I love vibrant colors. I have prisms in my big picture windows so I can have my bright rainbows when the sun shines. Looking forward to seeing more!

  2. I just love this, with all the different stitches and colours, I bet it would be a treat to stitch, looking forward to seeing the whole thing

  3. like the sneak peek of this one too :) love mouse xxxxx


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