May 6, 2012

Happy upcoming 4th of July!!!  
Even though the 4th of July is nearly 2 months away, I was thinking about what it means to me.  Then another related idea came to mind  as I read in the news that scientists are vigorously searching for another  planet like earth. We have such a wonderful world as it is, I surely would not want to leave.

My thoughts centered on this country, though my idea can apply any where.  The words on my new design reflect just how I feel about all the people that make up my country, your country, and this great world.  "We are many, Yet we are one -  from sea to shining sea."

As the U.S. Independence Day approaches, that this is a good reminder that with all our various and different histories, religions, colors, interests and ways of thinking, we are all one here on this our only Earth and in this time.
I hope that as you stitch this design you will realize that no matter where we live, what we do or are, we are indeed ONE.  We are Humanity.

This design will be out to shops very near to June 1.  We Are One is a fairly quick stitch. :-)  It took me only 20 days and that was with re-designing, thinking, frogging and restitching here and there.  Very soon, I will post a full photo with a notice on  my main site

  • Design size 156 wide x 142 high.
  • Model was stitched on Wichelt 32 ct linen, “Ocean Kiss” #65281L over 2;
  • Finished size on 32 count over 2 = 9 ¾ x 8 7/8”; Always allow extra for framing.
  • Alternate sizes would be: 40 count over 2 = 7 ¾ x 7 1/8” or 26 count over 1 = 6 x 5 ½”
  • Suggested fabric: Wichelt 32 ct linen , Ocean Kiss, #65281L (lt grey similar to DMC 318/415) 
  • Specialty Stitches:  Algerian Eye, Fan, Back stitch; some blending of threads
  • Floss: Dinky Dyes silk and silk perle.  Kits available through Dinky Dyes
  • Note: This design is suitable to be stitched over 1 thread of fabric.