Jun 16, 2012

Giovanni Lives Again

 I am just now releasing a new design of antique sampler style - called Giovanni's Alphabet.  The entire piece appears on my main site but here are some snips of my various WIP as I stitched and designed, edited, stitched some more till I got it right in my mind. 
Giovanni’s unusual lace alphabet:  Giovanni Ostaus, created his constructed-style alphabet and other magnificent lace designs in the 16th century. He presented them to the world in self published book, “La Vera Perfittione del Disegno”, (The True Perfection of Design) in 1561, Venice.  His book offered a new chart format of design lay-out using grids or squares.  

The unique lace alphabet has been 
re-created in my design with some  changes to make it suitable for cross stitch.  These large letters along with the lace-like loops, eyelets, “picots” and other geometric shapes are to be stitched using a single strand of floss. Dinky Dyes’ is cross referenced to the suggested fibers - but the first few charts don't have that.  See the Conversions tab on my main site for some recent designs!