Nov 24, 2013

Coaster progress

Coasters, Coasters, Coasters!!  Who doesn't need lots of them?

 I have three of the four coaster inserts for the "photo coasters" stitched now and I just love them!  The green was a bit small, so I added curlicues all around the outside edge for just the right touch.  The coasters on are amazing. I have seen some in a frosted glass set that are truly classy - for less than $20. 

The coasters on are quite lovely and wonderfully priced.  I've a set of frosted glass that are truly classy - for less than $20. 

I have decided that the final motif will be of in rosy tones. So- green, purple and truly a luscious blue.  This will be a one-of-a-kind gift.

Now for another idea!  Imagine this:  stitch the initials of the first names of family members, using a gorgeous, ornate font.   The ideas are just flitting around in my head!  One is from my Giovanni's Alphabet and the other from the Watermeadows casket panels. I really like this idea of a personalized coaster. :-)

Let me know about your Christmas or Hanukkah projects where you have adapted a piece of needlework to personalize a gift.

Nov 19, 2013

Cross Stitched Coasters make a perfect gift

Here is a project I am planning as a Christmas gift for a special friend! I have a box of coasters from Hallmark that allow you to insert a photo or piece of needlework in the area beneath the glass. I have calculated that with the coaster "window" of 3" across and 4 1/4" diagonally, I can stitch some of the larger motifs from Peppermint Pig and insert them as decorations. I can use 28-30 count fabric and stitch over 2, making the doilies fit in very nicely. 

Last year, I took some of these same motifs, working them over 1 to make tiny - 1-2" tree decorations - like colored snowflakes. Those - above - were stitched on the same 30 ct linen, over 1 thread and then stiffened and trimmed - so they are TINY!

This is the same motif as on Peppermint Pig,
 in the colors the chart indicates.

As of today, after a few days of thinking, I started the first coaster. This is 30 count linen and I am working with a nice, deep rich purple floss- Dinky Dyes 157 Claremont. I am  shortening the little scrolly things by a stitch to make this JUST fit in the coaster - or so I hope. I decided to do this coaster all purple. I will do the others in other peacock shades - teal, a lighter purple, and maybe a dark green. 

I was looking at some other designs with motifs I can use in a similar way: Panoply of Pods 'n' Puffs; Feathers 'n' Fins,Panoply of Peacocks; Arc of White, and Patient Stitcher all have lacy designs that would work well on those coasters. 

I decided to see where a person can buy these kinds of coasters so I looked out on  I found that by searching under "photo coasters", there are loads of kinds  with price ranges of  $5-20 for a set and some are really quite elegant - such a nice gift idea and personal, too!

So, tell me please!!  What stitching projects are you planning? Can you find an element in one of your Tempting Tangles Designs to do something similar to what I am planning? More pix to come!

Deb in Idaho

Nov 6, 2013

Little Wren and Nose Warmer make their appeance

"Little Wren" debuted at the October Online Needlework show - Stitched in DMC, this 144x146 design is a sweet addition to other bird designs released in previous autumn and winter seasons.
"Nose Warmer" is a cute winter quickie of 98 stitches square.  This beaded berry brings it alive! 

Please read all the details and see the full designs at my  Tempting Tangles website.

Sep 22, 2013

Just Cross Stitch Halloween & Jack-A-Rachnid

Be sure to get your copy of JCS Halloween Collector's Edition! 

Within those colorful pages, you will find my design:

What a face!

 And here is a little teaser for the Christmas issue: 

Sep 2, 2013

Arc of White, Myrtle and Rose, Peek-A-Boo

Please see the full designs and all the details of each  on my main site on the post: St Charles-trade-show-three-new-releases

Myrtle and Rose

Arc of White

Emily Dickinson's poem inspired this design!

Model is worked on 40ct Zweigart "Midnight Fantasy" using Gentle Art Cotton; xref in Dinky Dyes silk.  The 8x6 mm spider body is a Mill Hill oval, Olivine Luster Glass Treasure. 

Highlight of "Arc of White"  is the dainty, beaded spider, a true arachnid work of art

The embroidered charm is enhanced with a number of specialty stitches: eyelet, 4-sided, Smyrna cross.  This is not suitable to be stitched over 1 thread of fabric.

Myrtle and Rose is worked on Weeks Dye Works 35ct Havana linen with Gloriana silk; Dinky-Dyes silk pack available.  
This design is filled with detail and the delicate, soft colors of a late fall morning. This piece is destined to become a true heirloom. 

This lemon and citrus leaves motif is created by a combination of simple satin and eyelet stitches



A magical "Boo" rises in smoky vapors from the glowing innards of a fat Jack-o-Lantern, as two youngsters peer inside, awed by whatever surprise might be lurking there.  A magical "Boo" rises in smoky vapors from the glowing innards of a fat Jack-o-Lantern, as two youngsters peer inside, awed by whatever surprise might be lurking there 


Aug 19, 2013

One Small, One Larger Design for August

"Good Morning" fluttered it's way from my mind, into my design program,  onto my stitching frame, and then into shops, all in about three weeks' time.  All dressed up in some bright Weeks Dye Works' cotton floss, Kreinik emerald braid and copper and gold Mill Hill Beads, this is a pretty design.  But if you need a petite needlework gift, just stitch one of the two dragon flies, pop it into a tiny frame or finish as an ornament!  See the whole design on my main site here 

"Summer Duet" is the second design to appear this month.  This is the next release in the Seasons at Watermeadows Castle series.  Read and see more details on my main site, here.
This design uses only full stitches and in fact, the model is worked over 1 with DMC. Uses just three French knots,  one Mill Hill red petite seed bead, and Kreinik gold cord (it glides like butter) for the two musical instruments.

Jun 12, 2013

Sparkle and Pizazz - just in time for the 4th

  One, two, three, six in a row. 

These little star-like  flowers are created from easy straight stitches.

 What sparkles and isn't a star?  And sizzles and isn't a juicy steak? What is red, white and blue and isn't a whipped cream and berry dessert?

The sparkles and the summery colors all add up to  "Three Cheers" for Red, White and Blue.  

You can see the full design here

These are snippets, but not the ones for the Snippet Game.  :-) - Not this one, anyway. 

 Isn't this pretty? 
The blue and white is blended.

 A simple eyelet, elongated, is so very elegant.

Jun 7, 2013

Last call for Snippet Game signups

Hello, to all my stitching friends!
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Keep watching!

May 31, 2013

Newsletter News

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Happy stitching to you all. 

~~ Deb in Idaho ~~

May 30, 2013

Hello everyone,

 I rarely send out long messages like this, but I need to share some info on subscriptions to my two websites because MaryCorbet of Needle ‘n Thread recently posted something interesting on her site.  In case her link didn’t show up, it is here:  You can just copy and paste it into your browser if the link doesn’t work.  

Basically, her message and mine is that things are changing and Google did it!  I hope you will take steps to remain connected to me, because we will be playing an “Identify these design snippets” game very soon!  You surely don’t want to miss a chance of winning one of my charts, do you??

For those of you who read Tempting Tangles and Tempting Tangles Blog via an RSS feed – and especially if you subscribe via Google Reader, or in an email via Feed burner – I thought I’d address some technical issues that are coming up at the end of next month.  There may be a good chance that your Feed burner emails of my posts will disappear. In fact, I am wondering if some of you do not get those emails at all.  I don’t and I am subscribed with all my email address – still nothing!  It is an absolute fact that the RSS feeds will be going away.
 Therefore, you may want to change how you subscribe to my sites.  I am going to offer two easy ways.
  • First, I’ll be starting a newsletter.  You can now see on the left side of any page that there is a little box for you to contact me.  In the little comment box, just tell me you want to be added to the newsletter list and it will happen!  Naturally, you can see that I do have all your email addresses, but I don’t want to automatically begin to send newsletters without your permission.
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 Please know that I would never sell your email information, nor would  Bloglovin. Either method is quite a nice way for you to get my most recent posts emailed directly to your in-box.

For those of you who already read Tempting Tangles and Tempting Tangles Blog directly on the website, these changes don’t apply. If you still want to have your occasional coffee, tea or cocoa and crumpets with me when I do post snippets or news about upcoming releases, read on.

As MaryCorbet explains, Google Reader will “Die the Death” on July 1.  I don’t like to think that all my Tempting Tangles friends will be drifting away so please take this simple action and click that blue and white “Bloglovin” button on the top left of my page, or let me know if you want to receive a newsletter by using that new contact box on my site.  

Also, be ready for the upcoming fun about an upcoming game.   I’ll soon be posting about it.  The game will start on my main site and end up on my blog.  The winner will receive one of my charts for free.  So get signed up so you don’t miss anything!
Thanks to all of you,

 Deb in Idaho

From my needle to yours - Timeless Heirlooms for Tomorrow:
Antique and Storybook style cross-stitch and needlepoint designs

Apr 16, 2013


Coming Soon!

"Purple-licious" will make its debut at the Spring Online Needle Work Show - April 18 - 23rd in the Dinky Dyes "booth".


 "Purple-licious" is a companion to "Verdant Variations" and "Sampling in Scarlets", released in 2012.