Jan 10, 2013

Cheerful Up is a cheery stitch!

I was in a Valentine mood right after Christmas and what with all this snow, all I could think of was red and white!  Then....
 Just a beginning
 Almost done!  Less than a week.
I found a piece of 40 ct Zweigart Days Gone By - the color of antique, weathered parchment. I know the computer and camera do not do it justice.  So, take a look on my main site and see the completed design.  Actually see both of them.  There is a traditional red and white on 36 ct white linen and then the antique version.  Go look!!!

A Facebook friend asked about the button border on the antique version, which you can see in full on my main site.   The buttons were a midnight inspiration since I had no heart-shaped frame and wanted something different.  The button boxes in my sewing room are filled with the collecting efforts of both my mother and myself - for many decades.  To create that interesting button frame, simply arrange them as shown around the stitched heart, which has been closely trimmed – to about  ¾” from the stitching.  Seal the cut edges with fabric glue.  Then either stitch the buttons in place or carefully hot glue them in the desired arrangement.  ;-)