May 31, 2013

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Happy stitching to you all. 

~~ Deb in Idaho ~~

May 30, 2013

Hello everyone,

 I rarely send out long messages like this, but I need to share some info on subscriptions to my two websites because MaryCorbet of Needle ‘n Thread recently posted something interesting on her site.  In case her link didn’t show up, it is here:  You can just copy and paste it into your browser if the link doesn’t work.  

Basically, her message and mine is that things are changing and Google did it!  I hope you will take steps to remain connected to me, because we will be playing an “Identify these design snippets” game very soon!  You surely don’t want to miss a chance of winning one of my charts, do you??

For those of you who read Tempting Tangles and Tempting Tangles Blog via an RSS feed – and especially if you subscribe via Google Reader, or in an email via Feed burner – I thought I’d address some technical issues that are coming up at the end of next month.  There may be a good chance that your Feed burner emails of my posts will disappear. In fact, I am wondering if some of you do not get those emails at all.  I don’t and I am subscribed with all my email address – still nothing!  It is an absolute fact that the RSS feeds will be going away.
 Therefore, you may want to change how you subscribe to my sites.  I am going to offer two easy ways.
  • First, I’ll be starting a newsletter.  You can now see on the left side of any page that there is a little box for you to contact me.  In the little comment box, just tell me you want to be added to the newsletter list and it will happen!  Naturally, you can see that I do have all your email addresses, but I don’t want to automatically begin to send newsletters without your permission.
  • Also, I have added a button for “Bloglovin” and have found that for my personal use, it works quite well. You can view my blog along with your favorites you might choose to ad, all one one convenient place.

 Please know that I would never sell your email information, nor would  Bloglovin. Either method is quite a nice way for you to get my most recent posts emailed directly to your in-box.

For those of you who already read Tempting Tangles and Tempting Tangles Blog directly on the website, these changes don’t apply. If you still want to have your occasional coffee, tea or cocoa and crumpets with me when I do post snippets or news about upcoming releases, read on.

As MaryCorbet explains, Google Reader will “Die the Death” on July 1.  I don’t like to think that all my Tempting Tangles friends will be drifting away so please take this simple action and click that blue and white “Bloglovin” button on the top left of my page, or let me know if you want to receive a newsletter by using that new contact box on my site.  

Also, be ready for the upcoming fun about an upcoming game.   I’ll soon be posting about it.  The game will start on my main site and end up on my blog.  The winner will receive one of my charts for free.  So get signed up so you don’t miss anything!
Thanks to all of you,

 Deb in Idaho

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