Jun 7, 2013

Last call for Snippet Game signups

Hello, to all my stitching friends!
     It’s time to start watching your inbox! 

The Snippet Game will begin in the next few days. 

For those of you who have not yet signed up for 
the Tempting Tangles Tidbits Newsletter, 
there is a June 18th 2013 deadline
 to sign to be eligible to play the Snippet Game.  
If the game doesn't interest you, the newsletter might.
It will provide you with all sorts of Tempting Tangles info 
emailed right to your inbox - how convenient is that?!

Just see the contact box on the left side of every page.  

So remember, to play the Snippet Game, 
you must be signed up on the newsletter by June 18.
You can read all about it here Snippet Game Info

Keep watching!