Nov 24, 2013

Coaster progress

Coasters, Coasters, Coasters!!  Who doesn't need lots of them?

 I have three of the four coaster inserts for the "photo coasters" stitched now and I just love them!  The green was a bit small, so I added curlicues all around the outside edge for just the right touch.  The coasters on are amazing. I have seen some in a frosted glass set that are truly classy - for less than $20. 

The coasters on are quite lovely and wonderfully priced.  I've a set of frosted glass that are truly classy - for less than $20. 

I have decided that the final motif will be of in rosy tones. So- green, purple and truly a luscious blue.  This will be a one-of-a-kind gift.

Now for another idea!  Imagine this:  stitch the initials of the first names of family members, using a gorgeous, ornate font.   The ideas are just flitting around in my head!  One is from my Giovanni's Alphabet and the other from the Watermeadows casket panels. I really like this idea of a personalized coaster. :-)

Let me know about your Christmas or Hanukkah projects where you have adapted a piece of needlework to personalize a gift.