Nov 19, 2013

Cross Stitched Coasters make a perfect gift

Here is a project I am planning as a Christmas gift for a special friend! I have a box of coasters from Hallmark that allow you to insert a photo or piece of needlework in the area beneath the glass. I have calculated that with the coaster "window" of 3" across and 4 1/4" diagonally, I can stitch some of the larger motifs from Peppermint Pig and insert them as decorations. I can use 28-30 count fabric and stitch over 2, making the doilies fit in very nicely. 

Last year, I took some of these same motifs, working them over 1 to make tiny - 1-2" tree decorations - like colored snowflakes. Those - above - were stitched on the same 30 ct linen, over 1 thread and then stiffened and trimmed - so they are TINY!

This is the same motif as on Peppermint Pig,
 in the colors the chart indicates.

As of today, after a few days of thinking, I started the first coaster. This is 30 count linen and I am working with a nice, deep rich purple floss- Dinky Dyes 157 Claremont. I am  shortening the little scrolly things by a stitch to make this JUST fit in the coaster - or so I hope. I decided to do this coaster all purple. I will do the others in other peacock shades - teal, a lighter purple, and maybe a dark green. 

I was looking at some other designs with motifs I can use in a similar way: Panoply of Pods 'n' Puffs; Feathers 'n' Fins,Panoply of Peacocks; Arc of White, and Patient Stitcher all have lacy designs that would work well on those coasters. 

I decided to see where a person can buy these kinds of coasters so I looked out on  I found that by searching under "photo coasters", there are loads of kinds  with price ranges of  $5-20 for a set and some are really quite elegant - such a nice gift idea and personal, too!

So, tell me please!!  What stitching projects are you planning? Can you find an element in one of your Tempting Tangles Designs to do something similar to what I am planning? More pix to come!

Deb in Idaho