Feb 25, 2013

The Calico Clown steps out of 1978

The Calico Clown
About 30 years ago (I can hardly believe it has been that long ago!) from 1978 thru the mid 1990s, I had a little dough art sculpture business called Heirloom Dough Sculptures & Figurine Collection. This little clown was one of the most popular designs. So... I decided to turn him into cross stitch. Calico Clown birth sampler and specialty stitch version should delight any child, young or old.   A full set of alphabet letters and numbers are included.

The chart has a bonus as you will soon see.  One is a delightful birth sampler which you will be seeing very soon on my main website and the other is a specialty stitch version, with snippets shown here.  

An added treat are the instructions for a "No-Sew Wall Hanging" written by Judy Odell, Just A Thought. Judy is famous for her designs and excellent classes on her Just A Thought site where she has taught folks how to make their own boxes and cabinets which can be trimmed and covered with whatever pattern is included. I think one of the most incredible was the Mary Wigham Cabinet, shown here. Judy is mostly retired now, and enjoying her free time, so this may be one of the last collaborations with her.  

Feb 9, 2013

A Tease to Tempt You

After a lots and lots of planning...and even more cups of tea for inspiration... a new design called Tempting Teas is heading to your LNS or ONS!!  
This design is a companion to Coffee Compendium, released a year ago.  Take a look at my main site. Tempting Tangles

Cheerful Up Post Script

Recently, a stitcher friend suggested modifying Cheerful Up for an anniversary gift or a ring bearer's pillow for a wedding. Here is what it might look like - just use your favorite alphabet!!