Oct 19, 2014

New Releases for October 2014

 For those of you who follow my main site and have not seen all the designs released this year, I am giving you a full sized view of recent activity!  The  Online Needlework Show, which is a twice yearly event, is in full swing!  These three designs are being released and you can read much more on my main website  at Tempting Tangles Designs.

Golden Quince with its cheerful, bright red tea pot is next in our ongoing tea and coffee series, all based upon the seasons.  If you take a peek, you will see that we even have a special tab on the main site just for tea and coffee!  There are some Mill Hill beads to give plenty of sparkle. 

Longfellow's Round Tower, is designed in the medieval spirit of all those popular Watermeadows Seasons series - complete with a castle and lots of romance tossed in.  Longfellow's Round Tower is for the adventurous stitcher.  There are specialty stitches and a few fractional stitches for the detail needed on the leaded glass windows, plus tiny hummingbirds and quail.

Last offering is a colorful Wild Goose  - a happy, light-hearted design, and as for stitching, is completely fun and easy.


Oct 8, 2014

October 2014 Needlework Show is next week!

The online Needlework Show is next week! 
The site is http://www.needleworkshow.com/ - and it sure did sneak up on me this time! So here you are -these are some sneak peek snippets. 

It is a good thing I had some designs all ready and I am sure you recognize the series for the one with the tea pot! I will be sending out my newsletter with more details in a day or two. If any of you are not on the mailing list and would like to be, please either email me or sign up on my websites - either site has a link on the left side.  

In a day or so I will post full size pictures so keep watching!

By the way, did you all see the releases from St Charles?  Take a look at my post on my main site! http://www.temptingtangles.com/2014/08/st-charles-trade-show-releases-2014.html


Sep 14, 2014

Etsy shop

Hello!  I haven't posted here in quite a while. It has been a difficult summer but things are greatly improved.  On the light side, I wanted to share these picture of some visitors to my home today.

My wild turkey friends and I are letting you all know that I am starting to put some items in my Etsy Shop. I have a tab on this site and on my main one as well. So watch and more will appear.

--- Deb in Idaho ---

Aug 9, 2014

Autumn is on the way!

Are you in the mood for Autumn!!  These are some popular designs to fill your stitching basket with Fall colors.

  Jumpin' Jack Frost

Arc of White
Have you ever seen a prettier spider?

 Panoply of Pods 'n' Puffs
(an Autumnal adventure in BlackWork)

 Autumn Nodding
(Watermeadows seasons series)

Jun 13, 2014

Teasers and Snippets!

Do you know the names of any of these  designs?


May 12, 2014

Twist on a Classic Design

"Needleworker's Abecedarius", released to shops in 2010, has become what I consider a classic among my designs.  I always enjoy seeing how stitchers have changed it - or any of my works - to suit their own tastes. In this case, Christina Carlson, a truly awesome stitch with a keen eye for color, shared some images of her twist on my simple red design.

Below is a an image of my all red-version and to the right you can see sections of work in progress done in lovely soft wine, rose and berry shades Christina chose to turn this into a work of art. She hopes she can enter it into the Iowa State Fair in the near future - I bet we all hope to see a picture of her Blue Ribbon!

Here are Christina's choices up to this point:
 Crescent Colours (now under Classic Colorworks) floss:
Rainy Day (outer border)
Plum Paisley (inner border)
Mulled Berries
Pickled Beets
Aunt Marie's Violets
Blue Moon
House Wine
Tartan Plaid
Bing Cherry
Boysenberry Jam

 In addition, Christina also used The Gentle Art floss:
Berry Cobbler
Red Grape
Briar Rose
Black Raspberry Jam
Lavender Potpourri

She tells me that she's not yet decided yet how she will do the bottom section.  Perhaps she will work the 3 larger motifs in the rose colors, with purples and blues for the smaller designs.
 If any of you have stitched this design - or any of my other "word" designs, we would all love to see your take on my color choices.
Always feel free to modify the colors to make one of my designs fit into your personal color scheme.  Please do send your images of WIP to me directly. In addition, I have a group on Facebook and that is such a pleasant place to share the excitement of your Tempting Tangles projects. Tempting Tangles on Facebook welcomes you!!

Mar 9, 2014

Peppermint Pig Coasters and Other Goodies!

Great ideas for the next holiday gift giving....  No one else will have the same gifts you can create!

Do you remember the project I was working on in November - here on this

 blog - where I 
used some of the little motifs from Peppermint Pig for

alternative ideas?  
If you recall, first I stitched a few on really tight fabric 

over 1, to create tiny snowflakes for a miniature tree. I used fabric glue to 

seal the edges which I trimmed close to the stitching.  Then I used gold, 

metallic thread to hang the dainty little ornaments.

Then later, I found some 3 inch photo coasters which were well sealed against moisture that might enter from a beverage glass sitting atop.  I began that project and posted a few images.

Now, here they are, all stitched and fastened into the photo coasters, ready to give to someone special!!

Feb 12, 2014

Coffee and Tea mini Designs- Works in Progress Sneak Peeks

 These designs have been so much fun - both in the designing and in the stitching.  My friend Dale suggested this series, since the larger versions, Coffee Compendium and Tempting Teas are so popular. So in this series, we focus on just one tea or coffee pot and all the names of the beverages that go with a certain season - and a little artistic license thrown in for fun.
 Here are some pix of my WIP on two released tea and coffee mini designs in the seasons series, and two that are still pending.  Above is Nose Warmer, a coffee design for winter. It was released last November.  Next to it is Lavender Mint, a spring tea design, released in January.  

Then at right is an upcoming coffee design for summer and below, is an autumn themed tea design. There will be a tea design for each season, a coffee design for each and then, possibly a number 9 surprise design to finish off this series!

Next, I will be working on a winter version of a tea design. I already have ideas swirling in my mind. :-)
 This is a closeup of the raspberry motif, beaded as you may be able to tell, from Nose Warmer.