Feb 12, 2014

Coffee and Tea mini Designs- Works in Progress Sneak Peeks

 These designs have been so much fun - both in the designing and in the stitching.  My friend Dale suggested this series, since the larger versions, Coffee Compendium and Tempting Teas are so popular. So in this series, we focus on just one tea or coffee pot and all the names of the beverages that go with a certain season - and a little artistic license thrown in for fun.
 Here are some pix of my WIP on two released tea and coffee mini designs in the seasons series, and two that are still pending.  Above is Nose Warmer, a coffee design for winter. It was released last November.  Next to it is Lavender Mint, a spring tea design, released in January.  

Then at right is an upcoming coffee design for summer and below, is an autumn themed tea design. There will be a tea design for each season, a coffee design for each and then, possibly a number 9 surprise design to finish off this series!

Next, I will be working on a winter version of a tea design. I already have ideas swirling in my mind. :-)
 This is a closeup of the raspberry motif, beaded as you may be able to tell, from Nose Warmer.