May 12, 2014

Twist on a Classic Design

"Needleworker's Abecedarius", released to shops in 2010, has become what I consider a classic among my designs.  I always enjoy seeing how stitchers have changed it - or any of my works - to suit their own tastes. In this case, Christina Carlson, a truly awesome stitch with a keen eye for color, shared some images of her twist on my simple red design.

Below is a an image of my all red-version and to the right you can see sections of work in progress done in lovely soft wine, rose and berry shades Christina chose to turn this into a work of art. She hopes she can enter it into the Iowa State Fair in the near future - I bet we all hope to see a picture of her Blue Ribbon!

Here are Christina's choices up to this point:
 Crescent Colours (now under Classic Colorworks) floss:
Rainy Day (outer border)
Plum Paisley (inner border)
Mulled Berries
Pickled Beets
Aunt Marie's Violets
Blue Moon
House Wine
Tartan Plaid
Bing Cherry
Boysenberry Jam

 In addition, Christina also used The Gentle Art floss:
Berry Cobbler
Red Grape
Briar Rose
Black Raspberry Jam
Lavender Potpourri

She tells me that she's not yet decided yet how she will do the bottom section.  Perhaps she will work the 3 larger motifs in the rose colors, with purples and blues for the smaller designs.
 If any of you have stitched this design - or any of my other "word" designs, we would all love to see your take on my color choices.
Always feel free to modify the colors to make one of my designs fit into your personal color scheme.  Please do send your images of WIP to me directly. In addition, I have a group on Facebook and that is such a pleasant place to share the excitement of your Tempting Tangles projects. Tempting Tangles on Facebook welcomes you!!