Jan 9, 2015

January 2015 Release Sneak Peek

 In 2012, I began to create a series of monochrome samplers of a very different style.  Each is filled with descriptive words to describe the  sampler theme itself. Words and color, what a combination!  They are two of my favorite things in life.  I began with red in “Sampling in Scarlet”, and then green in the sampler entitled “Verdant Variation”.  Tones of purple followed in 2013 with “Purple-licious”.  Now, 2015 brings “Ebony & Ivory” to life.  

Browse my Monochrome Samplers page - it a collection unlike any you have seen. 


More  will follow, and I know you will love stitching each to fill out your growing collection. More are being stitched - so that your home will be filled with COLOR!