Mar 16, 2015

In the Tree Tops


Do you remember this fun little sampler?  Tree Top Birth Sampler is a favorite of birth sampler stitchers, and yet another big box has gone off to shops for your stash-collection pleasure.   

Just below, you can see a few progress images sent to me from Kathy Mirra. On her piece, she is using a pretty white and sky-blue Jobelan filled with puffy clouds.  How adorable!


            Isn't this little darling cute, hanging on to that great big breakfast banana?

 Another version I offer is my Tree Top Twins version - for sale on my Etsy site.

And finally, this  is Bonnie Hope's finish for her little grand daughter Liliya Jane.  Bonnie cleverly extended the side borders at the bottom, making room for birth statistics - weight and time of delivery.  ***