Aug 31, 2015

A Letter to an infringer

What a difference another few days can make. Just last week, I was concerned about the raging fires all around us and now, I see something else that has struck at the very core of my heart.  Today, I want to show you a letter I recently sent to a needlework infringer. That term translates to copyright theft for the uninformed.  The recipient posted several of my most popular designs, one released only a few weeks ago.

"I am a needlework designer.  I wanted to contact you directly about the cross stitch designs shown below, along with the information which I received from a verified trusted.  I designed those cross stitch patterns - those you uploaded to a popular Chinese sharing site.  Apparently you thought my designs they were beautiful and so did the more than 500 people who downloaded them for free.

Clearly, you have been very active on a known Chinese site for copyright infringement. No one could imagine this is a “free” site or one that is honest and legitimate. There are always strings and always a trail of accountability and proof of guilt.  You are participating in the worst kind of theft – and not only in dollars but in the creativity that brings about those needlework designs you enjoy.  I have been in business for a few years now.  I was so happy to finally being able to find the time to design and sell my patterns for a modest income. It was a lifelong dream.  Now, you and so many copyright infringers like you, have eroded my sales to the point that I can barely cover my printing and mailing expenses.  I had thought that by only selling in paper and not pdf, I could slow up the theft, but clearly that is not the case.  You have uploaded some of my best selling charts; some are the newest releases, in fact. Now, I no longer receive orders from my distributor which means shops are not selling them.  That is because folks like you have made these charts free for the taking.  There is not a big dollar profit in this needlework business – the main benefit to me was the joy of creating. You destroyed that joy for me. When I discover my designs have been posted to sharing sites, my entire day changes from one of creative anticipation to one of great sadness.  You know in your heart that your actions are not a good example of honest living for your “three lovely kids”.  Remember, what you teach them will stick in their minds forever and one day, that sorry lesson will come back to haunt you.  I promise you all things come full circle.  Please take steps to undo this damage that you have done.  And… whatever else you do in life, take a look first at how your actions might harm others."

Deborah A. Dick
Tempting Tangles Designs


  1. Deb, I am so sorry one of these vultures have landed on your beloved designs. I hope that they do not drive you out of business. I would hope someone in the Chinese government will shut these people down. You and your beautiful designs do not deserve to be treated this way.

  2. Did you get a response yet, Deborah?
    Different countries have different rules re: copyright, so, unfortunately, there is not always a recourse. But, if the person who uploaded the charts took the time to respond/correct the situation, that could be the step in the right direction.

  3. Deb,
    This makes me very sad, too. I hope the disgusting thief gets his or her due. Don't let it sidetrack your creativity. xoxoxo, Vickie

  4. Yekaterina Haussler, I do appreciate your perspective but in this particular case, the infringer is the UK and is fully aware of the problem. She did reply in fact, and now is discovering she can neither delete her information or my files or any others she uploaded to that particular Chinese based site. Neither can she hide the fact of what she has done. I am sure she is sorry as she expressed that in a reply to me. However, my designs she posted have been downloaded by other members of the site nearly 600 times. Nothing can compensate me for that loss. We all hope that for her and any of her friends, this lesson will ensure there will never be a repeated offense. It is heartbreaking all the way around.

    Deb in Idaho

  5. Well done on tracking down one offender. Hopefully she has been educated and will tell her friends. These posts need sharing to spread the word


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