Oct 13, 2015

Arc of White Revisited

 Recently, Facebook member Dana Burt contacted me to say she had completed a stitch project. Here is her story:

   "This is "Arc of White" from Deborah A. Dick of Tempting Tangles Designs. I'm not sure how long it took to stitch because I put it away during the demolition/remodel of the kitchen, and then when I did bring it out again, I found Frannie's fur (her sweet doggie companion) on it and started to cry too much to stitch it for a few days. (that fur is woven into the stitching, so she'll always be there) I did it on a much darker blue fabric than called for, so stitched with an LED worklight on my lap. I also used Dinky Dyes for the fibers. In spite of looking complicated, this was such a fun stitch! I enjoyed working on it so much. 
Arc of White has been brought to life many a time since then.  I think most people love the look of geometric look of lacy webs - spider and other - and my charming  resident garden arachnid is a delicate little beauty.