Dec 6, 2015

Lxxx Bxxxx Jxx

Do you know what series this is going to join?   This is going to be named something like  "Lxxx Bxxxx Jxx", but I am not tell you the entire name just yet.  There should be some surprises still left, right?  
This design will be making a debut soon enough in the early part of 2016  - as yet another addition to our Monochrome Sampler series. The whole set is over on my main site so take a look and make room on your walls.  Now that I have said that, notice how nicely this one color coordinates with the  newest 'mini' accompaniment in the tea and coffee set -  "Have A Cuppa".  Go see for yourself!  I think you simply must purchase both!
This newest pending design was based on the next color of my design list; we have one more after this until I think of another idea. Do any of you have color suggestions??

 These dainty finger tips belong to Kell, a wonderfully patient and accurate stitcher.  I am not sure how she took this picture by herself, but she is amazing.


  1. I can't wait to see this one! I just purchased Have a Cuppa...which is so delightful. I hope to work on it over the holidays.

  2. It looks pretty and I love the colors.


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