Jan 9, 2015

January 2015 Release Sneak Peek

 In 2012, I began to create a series of monochrome samplers of a very different style.  Each is filled with descriptive words to describe the  sampler theme itself. Words and color, what a combination!  They are two of my favorite things in life.  I began with red in “Sampling in Scarlet”, and then green in the sampler entitled “Verdant Variation”.  Tones of purple followed in 2013 with “Purple-licious”.  Now, 2015 brings “Ebony & Ivory” to life.  

Browse my Monochrome Samplers page - it a collection unlike any you have seen. 


More  will follow, and I know you will love stitching each to fill out your growing collection. More are being stitched - so that your home will be filled with COLOR! 


Jan 2, 2015

For Those Who Wonder

Happy New Year and wishes for a lovely upcoming twelve months.  This new year will be filled with so many exciting projects and I hope you will all share your pictures and ideas with me!  

At the moment, I am thinking of an old one - the first one, actually. Creation - brought to mind by a call from a lovely lady who is just now beginning to stitch my chart of so long ago. She had a number of questions on the design, and especially about the stitching stand you see below.  
 This wonderful stitching stand is by Ks Creations -http://www.kscreations.com/ and has been invaluable to me in some of the larger projects I have produced.  It is adjustable in every way imaginable from small up to large and I have used it with scroll frames as well as Stretcher bars which I purchased from Dick Blicks, online.  I actually like those over the scroll bars, unless the design is enormous. The beauty is that you can so very easily turn the frame upside down, sideways, however you wish to access your work - but be sure you keep your cross stitches going the right way!