Feb 20, 2015

Some Snippets of Recent Releases

First of all, I have updated my Etsy with some older designs that are getting lost in the shuffle of time. Some are, in fact, apparently no longer being carried by most of my distributors. So do have a look at some of the Oldies but Goodies as the saying goes. 

Now for the new ones, just being released this month!  More info is available on my main site over at  www.temptingtangles.com so these are just teasers. I cannot manage posting everything in both places and I am sure you all would like a little variety in pictures, too!  It seems a lot of you are subscribed here and more of you are all at the other site. If you everyone could get together, I would only be posting twice - so you are keeping me on my toes.  :-)

This is Posies TWO -(above) and it is a companion to a much earlier released called Panoply of Posies. Perhaps many of you remember it.  (below)

Panoply of Posies a perfect mate to the new Posies TWO.  This has to be a favorite stitch, although I suspect I say that often about many of my designs.  
How I do love to stitch!

 On this new design, my dearest (no pun intended) husband teased me about my folksy "Deer Horses" but you will need to judge for yourself once you see the full design. They are galloping or leaping in a less than orderly row, as it were, across the bottom of Posies TWO though you can only see one here. 

 And what of the others?  Here are the teasers~~~

Bedtime Blessing Birth Sampler - a delight in purple, pink, blue and emerald.  I discovered a stitch called Plaited Leviathan which is so much easier to execute than it sounds.

 Also, I added is a lovely Rhodes Heart - just one - but if you prefer you can use plain cross stitch - we have included that option in the chart.

Ancestral Tree - not for those who are faint of heart but honestly, if I could stitch it, surely you can!

I have a lovely new discovery to share- the  Sofia Stitch - you have to buy the chart to learn about it I have only found it in one book ever and I am not telling!