Nov 28, 2015

A Practically Perfect 11-28-15

This is just a "something is pending" teaser.   Are you awake and alert after all the yummy turkey and fixings!  The rest is lots of color but deemed to remain a mystery for now.   This last month, I had to take a stitching break, mostly to reflect on how grateful I am for all the good in my life.  I am alive, I am loved and have many someones to love.  Daughters, kitties and a few true and marvelous friends.  I have ideas and plans and creative endeavors.  I look forward to each day!  The new-crop turkeys out on the stepping stones, young hens at this point, are are wide awake, looking for more goodies!  to be scattered out there just for their pleasure.    
  Rather than looking for goodies, I am currently working at some designs of a playful nature.  Perhaps this will be the year of capricious designs?  Will you take a guess?  I think some of those golden stitches look a bit like cracked corn.  Do you?  Is there any logic to all of this?    Nope – it’s all  just for fun; whimsical, fantastical fun.  :-)

Nov 16, 2015

More Little Snippets

A few more little stitches - a little forest on a dark, blue night.  I wonder what this will end up to be?  My imagine leads me to stitch a little more!

Nov 5, 2015

A Little Bit More

I knew I couldn't keep my fingers away from stitching this little thing, whatever it may be.  So here is a tad more.  Someone commented that one of these little houses reminded them of the Tardis, Dr. Who style.  Could it be? If so, this might be a entire neighbor of Tardis.  Is there a plural of that word?  It is debatable.    Anyway, I continue in my stitching and will show you more at a later date.