Dec 6, 2015

Lxxx Bxxxx Jxx

Do you know what series this is going to join?   This is going to be named something like  "Lxxx Bxxxx Jxx", but I am not tell you the entire name just yet.  There should be some surprises still left, right?  
This design will be making a debut soon enough in the early part of 2016  - as yet another addition to our Monochrome Sampler series. The whole set is over on my main site so take a look and make room on your walls.  Now that I have said that, notice how nicely this one color coordinates with the  newest 'mini' accompaniment in the tea and coffee set -  "Have A Cuppa".  Go see for yourself!  I think you simply must purchase both!
This newest pending design was based on the next color of my design list; we have one more after this until I think of another idea. Do any of you have color suggestions??

 These dainty finger tips belong to Kell, a wonderfully patient and accurate stitcher.  I am not sure how she took this picture by herself, but she is amazing.

Dec 1, 2015

Tea, Crumpets and Turkeys

I surely had not intended to post another thing about turkeys, at least not for a while, but I simply must.  You see, as a complete surprise to me, I have apparently released a design on this very day.  Don't ask how this happened, but.... it did.
If you want to see just what I released go see it for yourself.  Hop over to my main site = new design
You will notice that what you see here and there, both, all ties together!  The colors, that is, they all tie together, not the subject matter.  Now, if you recall, I discussed the colors of turkey feathers a while back, but I might not have mentioned some have blue heads (Yes!!)  The colors are magnificent. In fact, you can see the Magnificent Nine who came to visit one summer day. 
Also, there are a few other shots to give you the idea of inspirational sources.  

Colors are everywhere and often, the most simple of natural things trigger an idea. In the case of the turkeys, it became the idea for a checkered copper tea kettle and a few other little doo-dads, all stitched in those same feathery shades and tones.  Teals, rust and coppers, browns....   Now do you see the source of my designing madness?  Nature, pure and simple.
 These unusual birds started it all.  I've not seen them since that fateful summer of 2014 when first they flashed their feathers at me and gobbled down my garden walk.