Jan 19, 2016

Tidbits are Upcoming

Whew! I just spent the last 8 or so hours planning and then assembling, editing and tweaking the upcoming news letter for you all to enjoy. 

I am tired and grateful my DH is making grilled cheese sandwiches and clam chowder (canned variety). It might be it was self defense in his part.   I hope you are all signed up to get the upcoming Tempting Tangles Tidbits newsletter.  The signup is over on the left size of this screen.

And now, because I was the child who waited for my folks to go grocery shopping and then climbed up into the hall closet, pulled down and  opened all the Christmas gifts, then re- wrapped them , hoping my folks would not notice the awful re-taping job, here is a mini preview of the first few releases for this year.  

Some are being released the first week of February, others the first part of March and others are still a big secret!