Mar 21, 2016

The Stars Shine Bright Throughout The Night

These are two stars in the sky, so beautiful, they put the moon to shame.  One comes out as the sun is setting, at Twilight.   The other is visible only for a few moments before the rays of the early morning sun light the sky at Daybreak. Both can be worked over 1 threads to be set in your own sky!

I can say no more.  Just wait till you see them both, between the April 1-3 BEFORE midnight here.  
Then search your favorite shop shortly after that!

  While these look similar, they are really not. There are subtle differences in the motifs and borders.  One uses 6 Classic Colorworks colors with both a Dinky Dyes and DMC xref.  The other uses 5 colors.    Each is a one of a kind!

There are lots more details coming in a few days on my website