Apr 16, 2016

Complete Change of Venue

Once I got most of the flowery border with the dark brown touches done on the corner, I realized it made me  think of a very fancy birthday cake!  So I decided it had to change.  It was way too "foofy" for my thoughtful little giraffe. 

As you can see, I have ripped it all out – again – and started a pattern with a more  jungle-y look.  It seems that this is how it goes for designers. 
I've been amazed at how well this WDW this fabric (35 ct) has stood up under all that repeated frogging!
Now I've begun to use "Evergreen", a darker floss on the leafy border. As much as I love "Acacia", (Dinky Dyes) but it disappeared in places, right into the bluish grey -greenDolphin fabric.  So now I'm going use the darker floss and continue.  More to come!

Apr 12, 2016

More Dreams As I Stitch

Still working on this and finding borders to be challenge. I wanted to complement this blue-green greyed fabric and yet keep the number of floss colors to a minimum. The floss is by Dinky Dyes. ('LemonGrass') appears on the scalloped border.  This is a variegation from light green to palest pink to ecru.  

Naturally, that brought me to add medium rust ('Red Jasper') and even lighter peachy ('Hibiscus') additions.  And a darker green ('Acacia) for accents. Then of course, there must be gold and brown for the giraffe, worked that into the rest of the design. 

 The beauty of a variegated floss is that you use parts of the skein for other motifs, yet give the effect of more colors than there really are.  The palest parts of Lemon Grass will serve well for some motifs, yet to appear.
The corner motifs must be interesting and not always the same.  I take an eclectic point of view for most things. In case you missed it, this fabric is Weeks Dye Works 35ct 'Dolphin'.
 The barest of beginnings.  It was the first the fabric and then the floss that inspired me.  But how, I wonder, to fit in a giraffe?