Apr 3, 2016

Inspiring Dreams

By now, you can most likely tell just what this is going to be. 
It will be part of a series of small pieces, later on.  

It seems to me, there are certain creatures we cherish.  I want to  concentrate on those which seem to illustrate a bit of wisdom just by the very nature of their existence. I suppose some might be obvious, but others will be more thought provoking.

  The little elephant above is entitled  "Remember to Dream".  He  began as a tribute design for a dear friend who was also a designer. Later, I expanded it, planning a release in a few months. 

"Remember to dream".  Let the joy in your heart come to life and leave something of your inspirations to others.I recall my friend, Marc Davis, designer of Needlemania.
He inspired me to offer my designs to the world.
When I first discovered his work on Webshots so very long ago, I saw his finish of an Anagram design.  It was a complex piece and so very beautifully worked.  Actually he had stitched many  large pieces and I was awed.  I believe Marc was just beginning his company then - sometime around 2005 or so. I began to see his own designs then, after that and loved his style.  He was at least as old as I am now and that fact inspired me, too. I don't know why I thought I had to be young woman to begin my own company!  So here I am, hoping Marc is looking down on all of us who loved him and his designs.  I believe he would agree - it is never too late to bring your dreams to life.
Marc began the Yahoo group called The Sampler Life. From there, over time, it also moved to Facebook.  Those of you who are on Facebook, please come visit us there.