Dec 2, 2017

Swans and Shears, a new Mystery SAL

Swans and Shears has many hidden motifs. 
It will be up to you to figure out where they are all hidden.  
This SAL comes with both a color key and in monochrome.  
So you receive two SAL sections for each of the 16 parts!
Be creative!

Here is the listing on Etsy.

Swans and Shears on Facebook

Oct 30, 2017

'Freedom' Now Available as Full Sized Chart

Almost a year ago, we offered a new Mystery SAL called "Freedom".  This design is all about people in a joyful way.  It is a perfect gift for anyone, anywhere and a wonderful design to display in your home.  

Freedom will only be available through Tempting Tangles, not through shops or any other site.  Contact us for info.

Freedom is 124 x 124;  

it is worked in  12 colors of DMC.  Minimal back stitch. 

If worked over 2 on 32 count, the finished size would be 7 ¾” inches square.  On 35 count over 2, the finished size would be 7 1/8 inches square.   Freedom can be worked over 1 or 2 threads.

You can now purchase "Freedom" in the full chart version here on my Etsy Shop  as an instant download.


Oct 9, 2017

Rainy Days in My Corner of Earth

Days are windy and rainy here as October progresses, so I am spending many more hours stitching. 

Find it here on Etsy

This design is a favorite one, "This Corner of Earth", and was stitched by Shelli, a  delightful model stitcher.   It is 
one of several in my ongoing Facebook SALs.  At this time, the 16 parts are about halfway  released. 

Remember, no matter when you join, between now and 3-1-18, you will receive all the parts!  

If you are not able to use Facebook, we will email you the parts.  

Please read about this design and all my others here at my Etsy Shop.
  If you purchase  membership for   "This Corner of Earth"
, you  can download an informational page right then, with the floss and fabric info.  When I will receive notice from Etsy, I will add you to the group.  You will have a truly enjoyable experience!  By the way, if you are in the UK or EU, there is a lovely shop that has all my SAL floss supplies kitted up and ready to send to you at a great price. Lakeside Needlecraft   xxx

Oct 3, 2017

SAL Continuity Assurance Benefit

Did you know about this wonderful benefit to our Tempting Tangles SALs?  

The Tempting Tangles SAL  Continuity Assurance Guarantee, Come Rain or Shine: 

I have a truly wonderful admin backup, friend, Ina, who will always be sure to send any SAL parts should I or my computer be struck by lightening or other natural/unnatural disaster. Meaning this:  you will always receive the SAL parts on schedule.

Visit us and feel assured!

Sep 6, 2017

Springtime Easter Delight SAL to Begin Soon

Find Springtime Easter Delight at our Etsy Shop

STOP THE PRESS! There is a new Tempting Tangles mystery SAL in the works. If you liked stitching the Welcome SAL, then this is one for you! 
Cost of joining is five US Dollars $5. Springtime Easter Delight SAL for all 16 parts of the SAL as they are released. SAL will begin Friday 9-22-17
The design appropriate for anyone, any age, any country. Will you come join us?  Lovely vibrant colors very much a Spring feeling.  There will be flowers and bees and bunnies. And yes, an Easter egg hidden here and there!

Find our Springtime Easter Delight Facebook group here 

If you aren’t on Facebook, we will be happy to email the parts per our release schedule.

The mystery SAL is a 16 part SAL with release dates every 2 weeks. Design size is 148 x 120 stitches. End date of the SAL will be close to Easter 2018.  Just in time to frame and hang in your room. OR make into a pillow cover. OR make into a No sew cube…
ATTENTION! PLEASE visit my Etsy shop here to purchase membership.
You can also make your $5 USD payment to at & in comments, put the name of this SAL, please!
The $5 membership is for ALL parts to the 16 part SAL. If you have any questions, please contact me at

For UK and European stitchers - contact for your DMC floss needs - she has tidy little floss packs just for my SAL designs

Aug 7, 2017

Great Cheshire Pumpkin - into the Night

The Great Cheshire Pumpkin is moving right along.
This SAL will be completed by early October.
We have it on a fast release schedule.
More Stitch Fun!!  These are the first 3 or 8, more or less

You can purchase this SAL here   If you wish to join my Great Cheshire Pumpkin SAL, please purchase membership at my Etsy Shop. Read more on my Etsy listing.
 Here is a direct link to the Great Cheshire Pumpkin SAL

Jul 31, 2017

Sizzlin' Summer Carnival- Hurry Up!!

Hey, there!  Come join us!!!!
 We're waiting for you over by the ice cream stand.  
Get over  here and bring the kids!
Sizzlin' Summer Carnival is already up to part 4.  You could have been stitching it already!  Hurry up so you can get it stitched by the end of summer!!

Jul 25, 2017

Wildflower Woodland Quaker SAL - Beginning Soon

We couldn't stand waiting so we have set up a Facebook Group for our Wildflower Woodland Quaker SAL and have been accepting lots of members.  To join, you only need to purchase the $5 USD membership (yes this is for all 16 parts) when you visit our Etsy listing.  

Since we decided this should be a mystery, you do not see much more than this image below for teasers.  Once you are in the group you will get the key, chart info and this schedule - nice to use as a guide to all the ongoing SALs.

The direct link is Wildflower Woodland Quaker SAL Etsy listing.
If you would prefer, contact me for another method of payment but works very well too. Use my email "temptingtangles at" and mention your Facebook name and email.
As you can see from our Release Schedule below. the first part will be released Sept 22, a Friday.

The Facebook group is Wildflower Woodland Quaker SAL Facebook Group so when you pay, apply there right away.  If you apply before you pay, it is rather troublesome for me so please pay first. OK?  If you are not on Facebook, we will always be happy to email you the files - just let us know.

And one other thing:  Kate at Lakeside Needlecraft has the floss packs for all my SALs and at a lovely, reasonable price.  Better than what I can get it here, actually.  So check her out for UK and European stitchers especially.

Jun 18, 2017

Quaker Flowers Growing in the Deep, Woodsy Woods

I've worked a little bit more on our little Quaker something - not named yet.  I like that font for the alphabet. It kind of reminds me of the calligraphy a friend of mine does so beautifully. I am inventing flowers as I go - any suggestions?  What flowers would grow in the deep, woodsy woods? 

Jun 11, 2017

A Little Quaker Something

Here you see I have a little something in the stitching works! 
It occurred to me that since I love piney forests, wildflowers, and Quaker sorts of designs, with charming little animals and.... perhaps other stitchers feel the same, so here it begins.  You might want to take a peek now and then as I progress.

May 26, 2017

Sizzlin' Summer Carnival SAL - No Mystery But Still Fun!

Yesterday, we decided to put our newest SAL on Facebook and Etsy.  This is Sizzlin' Summer Carnival SAL, or Sizzlin' Summer for short. This summery SAL is not a mystery SAL this time.  You can see what it looks like, but as usual, each of the 16 parts will be released every 2 weeks in our Facebook group for that SAL.  Or.... if you have any trouble downloading, we will happily email you each part as we release them.  "Sizzlin' Summer SAL" - in 16 parts to be released every 2 weeks on a new Facebook group starting June 9th

Remember all the fun when you were 7 or 8, visiting the carnival or the local county fair?  Could you had to guess the count all the gum balls jaw breakers or great big marbles  in that jar nearly as tall as you?  Everything is here to jog your memory, all but the smell of roasting peanuts and the sound of popping corn!  This design spot right under the base of the  pony carousel to personalize it.  Just use remove the blue and white stitches to stitch in your child’s name and birth date.    "Sizzlin' Summer" is appropriate for anyone, in any land, any country.  Will you come join us?

NOTE: This is not the entire design on Etsy. It is set up to be a  "Stitch Along SAL) so you will not be downloading the entire design from Etsy. 
The information for the floss  is all in the key that you will download when you make your $5 USD payment.  Etsy will notify me and we will set you up in the group where you will find join us and wait for the first of 16 parts to be released Friday June 9th, giving you time to get your fabric, floss and beads together!  Please give us your Facebook name and if you can, a link to your page so we can more easily find you there!
Design size 144 x 144 stitches. Each SAL section = 36 x 36st;  There are 14 DMC floss colors.  I skein each. Finished size if worked on 32ct over 2 = 9 inches square.  Sections layout – 4 across & 4 down.  Uses 14 colors of DMC floss.  We used some back stitch and a few colorful beads – but all are optional.  Mill Hill makes a packet of mixed seed beads and bugle beads. 
The seed beads and/ or bugle beads we suggest are for use along the edge of the pony carousel, along the top fringe of the tents as well as the opening to the main tent. Choose some colorful seed beads or even bugle beads of your choice  for the carousel umbrella's fringe and have some colorful, creative fun!   

If you live in the UK or Europe, find DMC floss needed for our ongoing  SALS: This Corner of Earth, Sizzlin' Summer, Long Way Home, Freedom, and Welcome .  Floss is readily available  in tidy bundles to our European and UK stitchers at Lakeside Needlecraft and 

Purchase membership to our SALs and read all the details at the SAL section at our Etsy Shop