Feb 25, 2017

A Stitch Or Two A Day

Sometimes we just want a little something to pick up and create a little color.  I always have several needles threading and attached by magnets to the arm of my magnifier lamp.  It sure makes it easy to grab that basket of projects, pull down the lamp, turn it on and begin to stitch. 

Here are three of my SALS, still been ongoing. These are called Stitch-Alongs, SALs.  One - Welcome -began in September, Freedom began a few weeks later, and Long Way Home will start in March. 

 Each is 16 parts, usually released ever 2 weeks on a Thursday evening or Friday morning.  We have a special Facebook group for each SAL but those those who are not on Facebook, we will email the parts individually.
Now don't tell anyone, but this little ship is still a secret to the SAL members!!  I am sure you can tell which SAL it belongs to.  The Freedom SAL is full of many little things and really, you can stitch the motifs individually for the most adorable little gift you can imagine.
When began to  I began to design this one, I had in mind how it must feel to fly over the tree tops in the forest.  When I was a child, I often dreamed of flying.   I am sure trees would look like these Vierlanden motifs, if I could soar overhead. And since I love itsy, bitsy houses, there must be some of those.

Now be assured there is still time to join any of these and and any already-released parts are waiting for you. You can just contact me if you are not on Facebook but
 you can also go to Etsy and find the links to each SAL where you can read all about them and easily sign up!  Each is only $5, such a small price for so much fun!!
   Tempting Tangles SALs