Mar 24, 2017

News on our Welcome SAL

Dear stitching friends,

This post is about the Welcome SAL, another of my Stitch-Alongs on Facebook.   The FINAL part of that, my very first SAL, will be released in less than 2 weeks. Then on May 7th, I will close the Welcome SAL Facebook Group forever.  

 If you have friends who might still be interested in the Welcome SAL, you may want to tell them the END is approaching.  There is still a little time to join and get the parts.  Once the Welcome Facebook group closes, the individual parts of that particular SAL will no longer be available as downloads.  Many thanks to you all!  We have had so much fun stitching together and showing off our work on the Welcome SAL.  There is more to come, however.  
Also, for European and UK stitchers, you  can order floss packs at Lakeside Needlecrafts online shop.

Watch for news about a new SAL in July!