Jul 25, 2017

Wildflower Woodland Quaker SAL - Beginning Soon

We couldn't stand waiting so we have set up a Facebook Group for our Wildflower Woodland Quaker SAL and have been accepting lots of members.  To join, you only need to purchase the $5 USD membership (yes this is for all 16 parts) when you visit our Etsy listing.  

Since we decided this should be a mystery, you do not see much more than this image below for teasers.  Once you are in the group you will get the key, chart info and this schedule - nice to use as a guide to all the ongoing SALs.

The direct link is Wildflower Woodland Quaker SAL Etsy listing.
If you would prefer, contact me for another method of payment but Paypal.com works very well too. Use my email "temptingtangles at gmail.com" and mention your Facebook name and email.
As you can see from our Release Schedule below. the first part will be released Sept 22, a Friday.

The Facebook group is Wildflower Woodland Quaker SAL Facebook Group so when you pay, apply there right away.  If you apply before you pay, it is rather troublesome for me so please pay first. OK?  If you are not on Facebook, we will always be happy to email you the files - just let us know.

And one other thing:  Kate at Lakeside Needlecraft has the floss packs for all my SALs and at a lovely, reasonable price.  Better than what I can get it here, actually.  So check her out for UK and European stitchers especially.